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5 things to know about Airdrie

If you want to understand Airdrie, you could walk along the East Lake Regional Park, watching the two wooden viewing docks overlooking the north and south side of East Lake pond, or you could talk to local shopkeepers or dig into history at Nose Creek Valley Museum, which represents over 2,000 years of local history, providing an interesting glimpse into the historical aspects of Airdrie, Nose Creek and surrounding areas.

No matter where you would start, you will quickly find that Airdie is a neighbourhood with charm and a different way of doing things.


Airdie is located just 28km north of Calgary and getting there is very easy. The Intercity Express (ICE) is your connection between Airdrie and Calgary. Accessible, affordable and convenient. Connections to CTrains and buses are simple as ICE stops are shared with Calgary transit.

Nose Creek Valley Museum

2,000 years of history. 20,000 artifacts. 10 exhibits. One little museum.

Housing Options and Prices in Airdrie

Look, we’ll be straight with you – it is much cheaper to live in Airdrie in comparison to Calgary. However, you are still getting that feeling of living a small town while being located close to Calgary. It’s one of the fastest growing cities in Alberta and its demographic is young — the median age hovers at 32.

AirdrieFest moving to Airdrie

This is one of most excited fests in Airdrie. Being an outdoor festivals and featuring local, non-profit organizations and local businesses, with tons of kids activities makes it perfect destination for families.

Shopping moving to Airdrie

Anyone who likes fashion and shopping will love browsing the assortment at Airdrie’s locally owned boutiques and retail shops to find hidden gems and wonderous discoveries. however

moving to Airdrie

So, if you are considering moving to Calgary area, Airdrie might be the right place for you. Our Airdrie moving team is here to help you make it a perfect move. Contact us for a quote at 1-877-992-4766.

moving to Airdrie

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