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Moving from Calgary to Coquitlam

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Real Estate Movers delivers superior moving services from Calgary to Coquitlam, employing professional movers, utilizing top-of-the-line equipment, and promising no hidden charges.

Our service reach extends across every state and city in Canada. Among the most frequently served routes for moves from Alberta to British Columbia are:


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Reasons Why People Move From Calgary to Coquitlam


Many individuals and families consider relocating from Calgary to Coquitlam each year for a variety of reasons:

  1. Change in Scenery and Lifestyle: Coquitlam, located in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia, offers a unique blend of urban life and nature. With the Pacific Ocean, mountains, and forests at your doorstep, the outdoor lifestyle can be a major draw for those yearning for a change in scenery.
  2. Milder Climate: Coquitlam generally has a milder climate than Calgary. While Calgary experiences harsh winters and is subject to sudden temperature drops due to Chinook winds, Coquitlam’s coastal climate is more consistent and less severe, which can be more appealing to some individuals.
  3. Job Opportunities: Coquitlam is part of the Vancouver metropolitan area, one of Canada’s most vibrant economic regions. Opportunities in tech, film, healthcare, and green industries may attract those looking for new career prospects.
  4. Proximity to Vancouver: Coquitlam is just a short commute to Vancouver. This proximity to a larger metropolitan area can provide access to additional amenities, cultural events, and opportunities without the need to live directly in the city.
  5. Lower Cost of Living: While Calgary and Coquitlam have similar costs of living, certain expenses like healthcare are generally lower in British Columbia, which might be a financial incentive for some people.
  6. Education: British Columbia has a renowned education system, and Coquitlam is home to several high-quality schools and educational programs. This can be a compelling factor for families with school-aged children.

Each person’s reasons for moving will depend on their unique circumstances and priorities. These are just a few examples of why people might choose to make the move from Calgary to Coquitlam.

Hassle-free Moving From Calgary to Coquitlam

Deciding between a DIY move with a rental truck or enlisting a moving company from Calgary to Coquitlam can be tricky. While self-moving may appear to be more cost-effective at first, in reality, it doesn’t offer significant savings. Here are the reasons:

  • Rental truck costs can add up to more than engaging a moving company. There are hidden challenges: you must return the truck to its original rental location, or face potentially steep additional charges.
  • For instance, a 26-foot Youhaul truck for a Calgary to Coquitlam move might cost approximately $6,000, not including fuel and accommodation. The overall estimate, excluding labor, might reach up to $10,000.
  • Relocating isn’t a one-person job. You require assistance, as well as the expertise and skill to pack efficiently, load the truck correctly, and secure your items. If not, you might find yourself overwhelmed trying to squeeze everything into the truck and deliver it unscathed. This is where professionals can truly make a difference.

Also, remember that potential unexpected circumstances could arise during the trip from Calgary to Coquitlam, including:

  • A flat tire
  • Mechanical issues with the truck
  • Unexpected road conditions
  • Running out of fuel or miscalculating fuel consumption
  • Harsh weather conditions like blizzards or icy roads

Consider how you’d handle these scenarios in a remote location with no phone service!

If you’re contemplating a DIY move from Calgary to Coquitlam with a rental truck, ensure you’re fully equipped to handle the process, guarantee your safety and that of your belongings, and actually save money. If not, consider engaging professionals who have done this countless times.

Moving Yourself vs. Hiring Moving Company
Moving Yourself vs. Hiring Moving Company

Smooth Relocation from Calgary to Coquitlam


If a smooth, worry-free relocation from Calgary to Coquitlam or vice versa is what you seek, a moving company might be your best bet.

Real Estate Movers is here to manage every aspect of your move, from packing your items to transporting and unpacking them at your new residence.

We understand that moving can be daunting and we’re committed to simplifying the process for you.

As a company, we hold ourselves to the highest standards for all moving services. Our team of movers, specializing in the Calgary to Coquitlam route, is thoroughly acquainted with the ins and outs of the business and are geared to satisfy your moving requirements fully.

At Realestate Movers, our team of experienced moving specialists is dedicated to ensuring your relocation is not only smooth but also free of stress.

Driving from Calgary to Coquitlam

The journey from Calgary, Alberta to Coquitlam, British Columbia is a considerable undertaking, spanning approximately 950 kilometers (590 miles). Given this distance, travelers should anticipate a journey of at least 11 to 12 hours, under optimal conditions. This assumes a continuous driving speed within legal limits, which isn’t always feasible due to traffic, roadworks, or other unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, a more realistic timeframe might extend to two days, allowing for breaks and overnight rest.

Commencing the journey in Calgary, drivers will head westward on the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1), a major cross-country route. This highway winds through the awe-inspiring scenery of the Canadian Rockies, which, while beautiful, can present driving challenges, particularly in winter. It’s essential to be aware of weather conditions and potential for wildlife on the road. Services, including fuel, food, and accommodations, are relatively frequent along this route.

Upon reaching the town of Sicamous, British Columbia, travelers encounter a crucial decision point. They can either continue on the Trans-Canada Highway or divert onto the Coquihalla Highway (Highway 5). The Coquihalla is a shorter but potentially more challenging route. Known for its steep inclines, high altitudes, and varying weather conditions, it’s a route that demands careful consideration.

Continuing on the Trans-Canada Highway provides a more relaxed, albeit longer journey. This route includes traveling through towns such as Salmon Arm and Kamloops before connecting with the Coquihalla Highway south of Kamloops. While this adds extra kilometers to the journey, it generally presents fewer driving challenges.

Whichever route is chosen, it is worth noting that cellular reception can be spotty in more remote areas, and while service stations are generally available, there may be stretches of highway with limited services, particularly at night. Therefore, it’s prudent to ensure your vehicle is in good working order, carry extra fuel if possible, and bring essential supplies such as food, water, and a first aid kit.

In conclusion, while the journey from Calgary to Coquitlam can be long and potentially challenging, careful planning and preparation can ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. As always, it’s important to stay updated with the latest weather and road conditions and to adjust your plans as necessary.

The Cost Of Your Long Distance Moving from Calgary to Coquitlam

Real Estate Movers offers a smooth process for quote generation designed for maximum client ease. Upon initial contact, we collaborate to decide on the best approach to inventory collection – this might involve photos taken room by room of your house, garage, or yard, a video call via Facetime or Zoom, or a detailed list of items with their measurements.

Our assessment specialist meticulously reviews the inventory data to select the right vehicle for the job. The customer then receives a flat-rate quote. This all-inclusive cost includes the time for loading, transport, and unloading, as well as the fuel surcharge.

Our range of services doesn’t stop at moving. If you need packing services, supplies, or vehicle transport, these additional services will be included in the quote. The level of shipment protection is tailored to your preference, with standard general liability offered at $0.60 per pound per item, or a more thorough Replacement Value Protection (RVP) coverage. With RVP, priced at 7% of the total cost, Real Estate Movers takes on full responsibility for restoring any items damaged during the move to their original state.

Distinct from many moving companies, our delivery window is exceptionally short. A move from Alberta to British Columbia usually takes between 3 to 4 days, including the loading, transport, and unloading. Even a longer distance move, such as Alberta to Ontario, is completed within just 5 to 6 days. This efficient schedule saves you the hassle of extended hotel stays and being separated from your belongings and vehicle for a long period.

We promise the highest level of care for each item. Furniture is securely wrapped and loaded into our vehicles, beds and tables are disassembled and then reassembled at your new location, and floor runners are employed during the loading and unloading to avoid any scratches or dents.

Choosing Real Estate Movers ensures a simplified and stress-free move that places client satisfaction at the forefront. Experience the smooth transition we provide.

1 bedroom apartment2,300$
2 bedroom apartment2,900$
2 bedroom house4,500$
3 bedroom house5,500$
4 bedroom house7,000$

Why Choose Real Estate Movers for Relocation to Coquitlam?

If your decision is set on relocating to Coquitlam, Realestate Movers is the choice to facilitate your move.

We’re a comprehensive moving service, which entails we’ll manage every detail of your relocation from Calgary to Coquitlam.

Our team at Realestate Movers consists of seasoned and proficient Calgary movers who will take the responsibility of your possessions, guaranteeing their safe arrival at your new residence.

We take pride in offering both local and Calgary long-distance moving solutions, and we are certain that we can execute a move that aligns with your requirements and surpasses your anticipations.

Moving from Calgary to Coquitlam
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