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Long Distance Movers Calgary cross province movers

Long distance moves are a big deal. Not only are they stressful, but they are also time-consuming and expensive if you don’t know what to expect.

Long Distance Moving in Calgary Has Never Been Easier

You might not know – but we do. 


At Real Estate Movers, our professional cross country movers offer various long distance moving services to ensure your big move is easy. We take the tedious task of packing belongings and handling the logistics of getting everything from one place to another. With the right tools for the job, our team is ready to go when you are. 


We pride ourselves as a long distance moving company that addresses all your moving needs from all fronts. By offering moving rates to fit your budget, you don’t need to worry about any hidden or additional fees. Just great service at an affordable price every single time.


Our long distance movers work hard by remaining steadfast and attentive to ensure a positive moving experience. Whether you need to leave beautiful British Columbia for the marvellous Maritimes, our province-to-province movers can ensure everything is handled with care and arrives in mint condition. 


For the best cross country movers, trust in Real Estate Movers to go the extra mile for you and start your move on the right foot!

Calgary - GTA Trip
  • 1 bedroom apartment: $3,500
  • 2 bedroom apartment: $6,000
  • 2 bedroom house: $7,000
  • 3 bedroom house: $9,000
  • 4 bedroom house: $12,000
Calgary-Vancouver Area Trip
  • 1 bedroom apartment:$2,300
  • 2 bedroom apartment:$2,900
  • 2 bedroom house:$4,500
  • 3 bedroom house:$5,500
  • 4 bedroom house:$7,000
Local moving costs for Calgary & Area

2 bedroom apartment from $ 900 + 5% GST 2 men $130 – $150 per hour + 1 TT

2 bedroom 1,400 sq ft house from $1200 + 5% GST 3 men $180 to $195 per hour + 1TT

3 bedroom 2,000 sq ft house from $1,800 + 5% GST 3 men $180 to $195 per hour +1TT

4 bedroom 3,000 sq ft house from $2,500 + 5% GST 4 men $230 to $250 per hour + 1TT

Stress-Free With Long Distance Moving Company Real Estate Movers

Vancouver ⇆ Calgary

The route connecting Vancouver to Calgary is scenic - but also long & arduous. It’s easy for folks to get tired on the road there, potentially compromising their safety. Instead, trust us to hit the road & you can ensure your safety and your belongings.

Toronto ⇆ Vancouver

Moving everything you own from one side of the country to the other can feel risky. The concern about whether your precious possessions go missing or damaged during the journey is valid. That’s why we take extra care to avoid this through efficient packing & loading to ensure everything arrives in mint condition.

Calgary ⇆ Toronto

Nowadays, people in Toronto are flocking over to move to Calgary or vice versa. Both big cities have unique charms that define the lifestyle there. For instance, Calgary requires more driving than transit compared to Toronto. With us, we can safely bring your car from East to West easily without a hitch!

Additional Cities
We Do Our Best So You Can Rest

Is the thought of planning & preparing your big move giving you a headache? If so, allow Real Estate Movers to make your long distance moving experience easy on all fronts. We accomplish this through our reliable team & various moving services to meet your needs at an affordable price. Trust in us & we’ll go the distance for you!

How to Prepare For a Long Distance Moving

A general rule of thumb for most moving companies, whether they’re a long distance company in Calgary or a long distance company in Vancouver, a move is considered long distance if it’s over 644 km. Such a big move requires a lot of proper planning and preparation. At Real Estate Movers, we can help you navigate all the logistics behind a long distance move. Based on your unique needs, we can address and check off anything on your moving to-do checklist with our various moving services. From the financial details to labour-intensive ones, we can provide the insight and guidance to ensure you’re confident and prepared for your big move.

What to Expect From a Quote For a Cross Country Move

The costs associated with a big move are a looming concern for many. At Real Estate Movers, we aim to always put our client’s needs first by doing what we can to make their moving experience stress-free. We recognize cross country moving is already stressful enough without the added financial stress.


Many have turned to us for exceptional moving services at an affordable price. By negotiating with you, cross country movers in Calgary can help reduce costs to fit your budget with no hidden or additional fees. Not only will we relieve you of the laborious burden of moving – but also its financial burdens as well.

Why You Should Choose Real Estate Movers

Real Estate Movers is an award-winning residential and commercial long distance moving company. We have thousands of moves under our belt across the country since we know what’s needed to meet our client’s needs. With long distance moving being our specialty, we’ve garnered a good reputation in our industry for making it look easy and affordable. 


We believe the best way to ensure a successful big move stems from being well-organized, which always delivers on creating a quick, safe, and efficient moving experience. Organizing is a skill in itself – which doesn’t always come naturally to everyone and is quite time-consuming. Let us handle all the logistics and labour of long distance moving, so you don’t have to!

53’ Trailers for Larger Loads
Competitive & Flexible Pricing
Efficient Packing & Loading
Responsive Communication
On-Time Pick-up & Drop-off
Professional & Polite Services

Everything You Need to Ensure Your Long Distance Moving Goes Smoothly

Planning, preparation, and hard work is what’s needed for a long distance moving. With our various long distance moving services, we anticipate all your needs to create a positive moving experience. From packing, loading, shipping, and unloading to disassembly, we can handle it all with care and utilize the right supplies to get it all done properly. 


Beyond common moving needs, we provide additional moving services to address any unique circumstance while moving. Our company offers storage solutions. From small crates to units that can fit your sports car, we keep all your possessions safe and secure. Units are clean, dry, and protected, so you don’t have to worry about anything getting dirty or wet, damaged, or stolen. For extra measure, we even provide insurance coverage too! 


Are you worried about any of your belongings getting damaged or lost? At Real Estate Movers, our responsibility is to ensure that your stuff makes it to your new place in the same state it was when we first walked through your door. For extra measure, we do offer insurance for your peace of mind. Reach out to us & we can run through our coverage details. 

If you can control the timing of your big move, we suggest you do so during the off-season – which is fall. Avoid moving during the summer despite the ideal conditions. Many people move during the summer, which is what makes it the most expensive time of the year to move.

Various factors influence how much our services cost. That includes how much of our services you need and how far you’re moving. As a long distance moving company with exceptional services, we can make them affordable by negotiating pricing that fits your budget. All with no hidden or additional fees!