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Long distance moving company in Red Deer

Welcome to Real Estate Movers, your interprovincial dedicated mover!
In this article you will learn where to find a province to province moving company and what the getting a moving quote looks like.

How to find a professional moving company in Red Deer

Once you on the Internet you`ll see a lot of Red Deer moving companies advertising for long distance moving services but who they are? Do they have enough moving experience or do they have the right size truck you need? Those and some other questions will always arise in your head before hiring a cross country moving company.

First of all, you have to look for them on the independent sources like,, Trusted Pros and some other. It is very hard to place a fake review on those platforms.

Also those companies should be a CAM member (Canadian Association of movers).The Canadian Association of Movers that was founded in 1969 is the only official national trade association representing moving and storage companies in Canada.
Real Estate Movers has been a part of CAM since 2020. Also we a BBB A+ and HomeStars winner for 7 years in a row.

While you rest, we do our best!
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Why choose a professional mover when moving from Red Deer

Whereas some people may think they can do those interprovincial moves themselves it is strongly recommended to leave it to professional moving companies.

They have the right size truck & trailer, knowledge and skills to manage any kind of move. Here at Real Estate Movers we provided quality moves so that you, our potential customer, have a stress free relocation from Red Deer to anywhere in Canada that will leave you with great moving experience with your dedicated mover!

Long distance moving services from Red Deer by Real Estate Movers

Red Deer moving services provided by our experienced team include:

Additional moving services to Red Deer offered

  • Online assessment
  • Full packing service
  • Furniture dismantling with further reassembling.
  • Loading/unloading C-cans, trailers and trucks.
  • Piano/safe and other heavy item handling.
  • Vehicle/motorcycle/light boat shipments

Our truck equipment for interprovincial moving services when moving from Red Deer

Whether it is a 28` truck or a 53` trailer , all our units are equipped with clean moving pads, straps and bungee cords, different kinds of dollies, too boxes and dual auto ramps. All that equipment allows us to do different moving projects
fast and safely.

Service areas covered by Real Estate Movers

Whether you`re moving to the Vancouver Island, Winnipeg, Toronto or even to Halifax that would be no problem to us. Once you get a moving quote from us we will tell you the time frame for the pick up and delivery days.

Moving costs across Canada when moving to Red Deer

We offer lower moving prices than other moving companies in Red Deer:

2,000 sq ft house from Vancouver to Red Deer from $6,500 + 5%GST

2,000 sq ft house from Winnipeg to Red Deer from $8,900 + 5% GST

2,000 sq ft house from Toronto Area to Red Deer from $12,000 + 5% GST

2,000 sf ft house from Fredericton, NB to Red Deer from $16,000 + 5% G

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How to get a moving estimate when moving to/from Red Deer

To order our Red Deer movers, you simply send us a short inquiry form through our website and a moving consultant will reach out to you within 24 hours. They will help you choose one of the methods that will be more convenient for you to submit your cargo details. It is very important that you mention all the items you have in the house so that a certain footage in our 53` moving van is reserved for your belongings.

Once the furniture volume is determined you will get a quote on your move and then the timing frame is discussed for the pick and delivery day.

Delivery days in Red Deer

In 99% all loadings happen in one day, same is with the unloadings. Here at Real Estate Movers we try to deliver pretty much fast. For example it takes 1 day to deliver from Vancouver, 3.5 days to deliver from Toronto, 5 days from Fredericton.

The best way to get accurate moving quote to Red Deer

​Would you like an Accurate Moving Quote? The best way to get an Accurate Moving Quote is to take pictures off what you have to move on your mobile phone and send them to us.​ All Trucks come with blankets, bed bags, 2- 4 wheel dollies, shoulder straps, furniture slides (to protect your furniture), floor runners ( to protect your flooring) and a tool box to take apart any kind of furniture and dis/connect washer and dryer.

Red Deer long distance movers.

All our movers and drivers are experienced and trained to provide you with the best across Canada moving services. Depending on the amount of your items, we’ve got trucks of different sizes. Also all of them are equipped with anything one could need for moving from BC to AB. We have dollies, liners for floors, wrapping plastic, special quilted pads and covers, tape, etc. Our long distance moving services include assembling and disassembling of your furniture, wrapping and covering your belongings for transportation.