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Moving to Calgary

Moving to Calgary  in the future and not sure what to expect?

Just like settling in any other place, Moving to Calgary might be very stressful.

Winter is coming … and apparently stays forever.

You will quickly adapt to the climate in Calgary which does whatever it wants whenever it wants. moving to calgary

Typically winter drags on and on, so be prepared to be pale, blast a heater and wear layers. However, you might find yourself wearing shorts and sandals in the middle of February…Chinooks come and go without checking on weather forecasts or our expectations. Hail in August? Why not?

Don’t worry though, you will get used to it pretty soon. Having sunscreen and winter jacket handy might be smart.

Finding a place to live is not as easy as it might seem.

Rentals are expensive and the closer to downtown the more you will have to pay.

Viewings sometimes feel like job interviews which quickly becomes your annoying reality (until you find something of course).

If you badly want a place, you might have to pay more for what’s it worth. moving to calgary

You will find c-trains either very useful or very frustrating.

When people first move to Calgary, c-trains seem a novelty to them and they are likely to be actually excited to use them.

After a while, though the novelty wears off and you keep wondering why there’s never enough seats on the c-train.

And why you are always late when you have to get somewhere . moving to calgary

C-train network gets expanded from year to year. City of Calgary is constantly adding new c-train lines.

Calgary – the Heart of the West

There are not many cities in the world were you can dress-up as a cowboy and fit in with the locals.Once in a year, actually 10 days in July, Calgary transforms to be a a tribute to the Old West filled with cowboy hats, music, food and culture that’s been dubbed “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.”

moving to calgary

You like keeping busy moving to Calgary

There’s always some kind of festival/expo/event happening on the weekends, and a lot of them are free. Check out ToDoCanada, to see all upcoming festivals. You seriously won’t be bored when you move to Calgary.

Astonishing views and unbelievable nature

You shouldn’t forget about Calgary’s proximity to Banff National Park with breathtaking Rocky Mountains and incredible Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. moving to calgary

moving to calgary

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