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Moving from Vancouver to Kamloops

There is no doubt that Vancouver is a city which is popular with people from around the world. With world class infrastructure, schools and beautiful views, thousands of people are moving there every year. For many Canadians who have grown up in and around Vancouver, the rapidly increasing population is not welcomed. Traffic, noise and the loss of a sense of community are just some of the reasons some people cite when leaving one of Canada’s largest city.

For many people looking to leave Vancouver, Kamloops is a popular choice. Just 4 hours drive from Vancouver, Kamloops  is a city with a relaxed lifestyle.  A warm climate, and  a mixed landscape of forests, lakes, mountains, and valleys that all offer abundant leisure opportunities. More and more people are turning towards as they leave behind the hustle and bustle of Vancouver. Kamloops can offer people a quiet town lifestyle without giving up any of the things that they enjoy most about living in Vancouver; such as proximity to schools, supermarkets and entertainment precincts. The largest university in BC, Thompson Rivers University, is also located in Kamloops. moving from Vancouver

Vancouver to Kamloops Professional Movers

When making the move from Vancouver to Kamloops you should consider what belongings you will transport yourself. The others you will leave to the movers. Certain items such as photography equipment and musical instruments will require special packing. There is certain risk damaging them if they are thrown in the boot of a car. It is recommended that you leave them in the hands of professionals. Here at Real Estate Movers, we make sure that every item that is moved with us is treated with the uppermost care and consideration toward delivering it to the final address in the same condition as when we picked it up.

Why you should move from Vancouver to Kamloops

Once you arrive in Kamloops from Calgary, it is time to start enjoying your new home. Making friends is the first step towards making sure that your time in Kamloops is enjoyable. There are many different options available. Kamloops is a recreational sporting hub so joining a local club or group can be a great way to get to know the locals. The arts scene is also a vibrant community in Kamloops. Witness a Western Canada Theatre production, catch Project X’s X-Fest in Prince Charles Park, have a fright with Chimera Theatre’s Tunnel Tours during the fall or giggle ceaselessly at the Freudian Slips’ monthly improv shows.

When moving homes, it is always best to use the services of a professional mover. Real Estate Movers have been moving people aroundCanada for many years, so you know that when you are moving with Real Estate Movers you are working with a reputable mover. moving from Vancouver

To help you to get settled into your new home in Kamloops as quickly as possible, we offer Packing and Unpacking services, you will not need to lift a finger, our experienced staff will take care of everything for you, giving you more time to go out and enjoy your new home in Kamloops.

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