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Why is The City of Langley right for you?

Moving to Langley.

Being located withing only an hour drive from down town of Vancouver, Langley City could be just the right choice for many families. Because it is a part of Metro Vancouver, you could experience quiet life of a small town while having many advantages of a big city.  Let’s take a look if this city right for you, in case if you decided to move to Langley.

Parks and Outdoor activities

The city is well known for its number of parks. You would be surprised how green this community is. More than 70% of Langley Township’s land remains green. One can get access not only to the parks, but also baseball diamonds, multi-use fields, sport boxes, playgrounds – just anything you’d like to keep yourself and kids busy and active.

Cultural Amenities move to Langley

Langley is a home for many cultural events and festivals that happen throughout the year. This includes famous regional car show, which is one of the largest in Canada.

If you are an artsy person, then Arts Alive festival would be just for you. It has been happening annually for many years, and has became a signature even of the lower mainland BC.


Pedestrian Friendly

The City of Langley is a pedestrian friendly area. It is quite easy to get around. Public transportation includes shuttle buses as well as regular routes ones.

Education  relocating to Langley

We shouldn’t forget education while speaking about this town. A number of schools made this city perfect for families.

Jobs moving to Langley

It is a place with one of the highest ratios of jobs to population, which means there should not be difficulties in finding one. The city has been very supportive towards small businesses. It  actually made a small business retention and attraction a key segment of it Master Plan. This lets Langley be one of the most business friendly communities in British Columbia.

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