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What Do You Need to Know about Okotoks?

Location relocating to Okotoks

Okotoks is a small town located just south of Calgary. As the drive to the Calgary International Airport takes only 35-40 minutes, many families chose to make it their home. Alberta is well know for its oil and gas industry. That is why a lot of people work for it. And they prefer to be in a decent distance from the airport.

But not only being close to the airport is important. Many residents work in Calgary, as it is only a few minutes drive away. Though having a big city life style without living in one is cool. Okotoks is located close to the mountains. relocating to Okotoks


As we mentioned above, Rocky Mountains are just right there. If you are a fan of skiing, hiking, or mountain biking, you will not be bored. Also there is a few sport centers. That are offer swimming, hockey, baseball, curling, and other activities. And we have to mention that these places are popular among Calgary residents as well. relocating to Okotoks


Are you looking for unique dining or shopping experience? Then you should visit Olde Towne Okotoks. It is located just in the heart of historic downtown.

Speaking about history… Okotoks Museum and Archives will show you community rooted in three ceturies.

But if you are in the mood of looking at some creative things, head to the Okotoks Art Gallery. You will find some visual art exhibitions and educational programming. relocating to Okotoks

Business Opportunities

Did you decide to move to Okotoks and open your own business?  Or maybe just relocating it? The Okotoks Business Advantage is a great thing for businesses. It offers to operate one without business tax. Though there is some small exceptions. So you can operate your business in affordable environment. Therefore this town has one of the lowest business property tax rates in Calgary Region.


Okotoks is a growing community and offers a lot for anyone. Either you are moving with family or just alone, you will be welcome. Contact Real Estate Movers for your upcoming move to Okotoks.relocating to Okotoks however

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