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Vancouver long distance moving

Vancouver long distance moving

A long-distance move can be daunting. A local move across Vancouver or even to nearby Burnaby, Surrey, or Richmond could be tedious. But you would still have access to your familiar comforts. Moving to a different province can be a whole different kettle of fish.

Preparing for a long-distance move. Vancouver long distance moving

Once you know that you have to move, start making a personal checklist of tasks that you have to do. Some important tasks that you might want to keep in mind include transferring your utilities, family medical and school records, and paying up any bills related to your current home.

You might want to inventory your home and decide on the items you want to keep. Bear in mind that each item has a transport cost attached. Do you really need to move it all the way to another part of the country? But then, what can you do with the things you decide to leave. You could choose to sell them to cover some of your moving costs. Or you could donate or recycle. Last option would be to dispose of the item at the closest landfill.

You might also be considering whether to use a moving service or just rent a moving truck and drive it all the way your self. Do consider your resources and capabilities when making this decision!

If you decide to use a moving company, it’s also important to know how to choose a good one. Shop around and get multiple estimates. Look for movers with excellent referrals and reviews. Another tip is to look for a member of the Canadian Association of Movers. Vancouver long distance moving

Real Estate Movers checks all the boxes!

Luckily for you, Real Estate Movers meets all those requirements, and more! We are an A+ accredited business with the Better Business Bureau. If you are looking for a long-distance moving specialist in Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby or Richmond, you can’t go wrong with us. It does not matter if to Alberta, Manitoba or Saskatchewan, or coast-to-coast all the way to Ontario. Real Estate Movers is well-equipped to make your move a smooth and worry-free.


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We moved from Alberta to Ontario with this company in May, 2022 and everything was great. Victor is very responsive and cooperative. Our move was smooth and stress free. The cost of the move was very reasonable, much lower than the quotes from other companies. We are happy that we found this company and highly recommend it.
I moved with this company about a month ago and wanted to give a review. The staff was really kind and considerate of us and our possessions. The relocation was faster and less expensive than the initial price, and I’m pleased to report that nothing was harmed or broken throughout the transfer. I also want to thank Victor for making the transition easy by answering my inquiries and resolving my worries prior to the relocation. Excellent work!!
This firm is highly recommended for any of your moving requirements. The service was outstanding. Movers arrived on time and called several minutes before and the night before to clarify specifics. The two men were courteous and strategic in their movement of stuff in an efficient and coordinated manner.
I used Real Estate Movers to help us move into our brand-new home. They were simply fantastic! Professional and QUICK! These guys don’t need to go to the gym since they work as hard as they can to have your stuff transported as rapidly as possible. Everything was handled smoothly and without a hiccup. I was also astonished to see that the charge is quite cheap and inexpensive in the neighborhood. I provide them some advice based on my satisfaction with their service
I rarely leave google reviews but I had to do it for these guys at Long Distance Movers/Real Estate Movers. Victor and his crew saved me when another moving company left me high and dry with a skyrocketing quote. They were responsive, professional and ready to accommodate my specific moving needs. The cost was very reasonable and well worth the service. Thanks for making my move as easy as possible!
My husband and I hired Real Estate Movers through CAM for our cross-province move this winter, and we were blown away by the care, thoroughness, and professionalism of Victor and his crew. They took apart our furniture, carefully wrapped each piece, and put it back together even better than before; they laid out mats and blankets to keep dirt off our new floors; they were kind and extremely helpful from minute one.It wound up being a 13-hour day for us all, including travel, and Real Estate Movers were utter champions throughout. They are excellent at what they do. I would recommend Real Estate Movers to anyone in need of their services!
Excellent service. We make HUGE custom concrete countertops and needed movers to help, get it to clients home, then help lift it on counter. They called to confirm the day before, came in time, super professional and gentle with the 1000+lb counter. Would highly recommend them for all your moves!!
Great experience with Real Estate Movers. They were very easy to deal with and made me feel like they really valued my business. They went above and beyond and I would highly recommend them.
Great job by Anton and Igor moving us out of a rather ‘difficult’ condo building and into our house. They were very careful and efficient. Would definitely recommend giving them a call to make for a stress-free move.
Very professional, polite and understanding! Where I moved to had only one working elevator for 19 floors and on a Saturday… We couldn’t block the only working elevator so they had to work around the issue and they did, VERY professionally. No damage to anything! I would absolutely recommend this company for any moves, near or far