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Three Fun Facts about Calgary to Get Your Kids Pumped for the Move!

You’ve just landed a new job in Calgary. You’ve researched all the best places to live, and all the best schools.  And, you just found out that Calgary has no provincial sales tax, a good transit system, and a great healthcare system in place.

But let’s face it. Kids, be they preschoolers, tweens or teens, are not going to be at all interested in taxes. So, how do you get them pumped for the move? moving to Calgary

Why do you need to get the kids excited in the first place?

Psychologists and family counselors agree that change can be stressful, and relocating is a major change. Talking about the change positively and involving your child from the planning stage is crucial to alleviate some of that stress. One good way to start building up positive vibes is to share fun facts about their new home. moving to Calgary

Fun Fact #1: Calgary was the first Canadian City to Host the Winter Olympics

Calgary won the privilege to host this prestigious sporting event in 1988. The Winter Olympics set Calgary on the world map, and Calgary became ground zero for an elite winter sports program that propelled Canada to its current powerhouse status.

Sports facilities purpose-built for the 1988 Winter Olympics are still in use to this day. Your kids could go to the Canada Olympic Park for bobsleighing, snowboarding and skiing or the Olympic Oval for speed skating and hockey. Best of all, world-class athletes train here too. Your kids could be rubbing shoulders with Olympic medalists, and maybe aspire to be one too!

Bonus fun fact: Remember the Jamaican bobsled team from the 1993 movie Cool Runnings? Or the British ski-jumper from the 2016 movie Eddie the Eagle? Well, both movies were from the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary! moving to Calgary

Fun Fact #2: Calgary is also known as Cowtown aka Stampede City

Calgary may now be a hub for oil and gas, but the city still cherishes its agricultural heritage. For ten days in July, Calgary remakes itself into a wild west town to host the annual Calgary Stampede. You will see cowboy and cowgirls everywhere, and stores and offices will be sporting cowboy themes.

And food! You’ll get pancakes and barbeques galore, but Calgary Stampede is also a time to introduce crazy new tasty treats. Maybe your adventurous kid would like to try some wild boar bacon elk burger? Or a pickle pizza? Or a cheesy ramen dog?

But what is the Calgary Stampede without it rodeo? Otherwise known as “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”, the Calgary Stampede opens officially with a parade and is followed by several exciting events. Calgary Stampede’s rodeo is one of the largest in the world with one of the richest payouts. You’ll also see chuckwagon racing, stage shows, concerts, agricultural competitions markets, and First Nations exhibitions. moving to Calgary

Fun Fact #3: Calgary Chinook Winds

So your kid is not a fan of sub-zero winter temperatures? Well, he or she may find relief from the warmth brought in by Chinook winds. Chinook wind is warm and gets very dry as it blows down the Rockies into the prairies. In winter, the temperature change can be dramatic, rising over 20 degrees Celsius over a few hours. In fact, Chinook is a First Nation word that means “snow eater”, so named because of how rapidly it can clear thick snow. moving to Calgary

Now that you’ve got the kids pumped, need help moving?

Why don’t you give us a call to help you with the move? We are expert movers and can guarantee affordable prices, flexible hours and years of experience to ensure every part of your move is stress-free. moving to Calgary however



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