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Thinking of Moving to Cochrane? Why not?

Cochrane is a small town located between Calgary and Banff. An easy commute to the big city or mountains made this comminity a perfect place for living. Western heritage and economical growth nowadays attracts more and more new residents. relocating to Cochrane

Things to do Cochrane relocation

Cochrane relocation

As we mentioned before, Cochrane is only minutes away from beautiful Rocky Mountains and Banff. This gives you an opportunity to do a crazy amount of outdoor activities all year round. And the location of it made the residents very outdoorsy.

There are several ski resorts withing less than an hour drive, for those who ski or snowboard. But if you prefer summer hikes, there is countless ammount of trails of any kind and difficulty. You will have a local hiking club in town. So you can find people with the same interest right away.

This is a family friendly community. And that is why Cochrane has a lot of summer camps and programs for the youngsters. Cochrane relocation

Also, you will find many parks with playgrounds and, even, a fishing pond within town limits. relocating to Cochrane however

Facilities relocating to Cochrane

Though, if you don’t feel like driving, there are a skate park, a family sport centre. For older guests and residents, there is a seniors centre.

People of any age would have fun at the ranchehouse.

Also, for those who like sports, Cochrane has a number of playing fields and skating rinks. More of all, all of them (except the skating rinks) can be booked.

Of course, we didn’t forget about cultural part. Cochrane Public Library is open for everyone. And what about schools? You will find no problems with placing your kid to a school. Cochrane relocation


As the town is quite compact, it is easy to get around it. Biking or just walking can get you to your destination just easily. There is not always a need in having a car.

Though you work in Calgary and need need to commute daily, the commuter bus is here for you. Carpool option is also accessible.

If you decided to move to Cochrane, we reccomend you to check the town’s website. You will find a lot of useful information for newcomers to the community. relocating to Cochrane Cochrane relocation

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