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Surrey – the Fastest Growing City in BC

Because of being located so close to Vancouver, Surrey is one of the most popular places to move to. Big city lifestyle and cheaper real estate market made this place a destination for many. According to some data, there is about a thousand people move to Surrey every month. Though, it grows fast it is still considered a suburb. A very large one! And if it keeps going this way, in 10-15 years the city can become bigger than Vancouver itself.


Pretty much everyone in BC is an outdoorsy person. And no wonder why! Redwood Park, Tynehead Park, Green Urban Timbers Forest, and others will not let you stay inside. Either you go for a run, a hike, or a picnic with friends, parks in Surrey will satisfy your taste for activities.

But not only parks get all the attention. South Surrey boasts nice beaches. And it doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer. It is always a great time while having a stroll along the ocean.

Easy transportation relocating to Surrey

Public transit is well developed in this city. The LRT will give you an option of an easy commute to anywhere you need. Also, with tons of new inhabitants and the need to satisfy the demand, the transit grows as well.
But not to worry, you don’t have to drive or use transit to get around all the time. Many venues are just in a walking distance. That is why a number of residents will find their-selves just walking to their favorite places.

Family friendly community

Surrey is fun not only for adults. Along with you, your kids will find a lot of things to do as well! Its recreation centers offer different learning programs. In summer, there are camps for any child.

Surrey Museum or Newton Wave Pool will entertain you on a rainy day.

If you are ready to relocate to this city, give us a call! Real Estate Movers will gladly help you with that.

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