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Small Movers in Calgary Vs. Big Franchises

Finding the right moving company is always an issue. However let’s see what might be benefits of hiring a local moving company for example in Calgary.

Small Deliveries

Not an each an every cross Canada moving company would be interested in small moves or deliveries. On other hand small moving company located right is your city would do it without any doubt. They can combine a couple of moves together or just send a small truck to take your stuff.

Same-Day Furniture Pick-up and Delivery

Booking a specific day with a big movers could be another issue, while local movers are more flexible with their schedule.

Single-Item Moves – “Couch Moving”

“Coach Moving” might be a part of you small move, when you are good to move all of your stuff, except for the big items such as a coach or a fridge. Here comes the advantages of small movers in Calgary or any other city. They are flexible and less expensive, usually happy to service any kind of move.

IKEA Furniture Delivery

From time to time we all buy furniture from IKEA. It seems to be so compact and handy, however if you do not own a truck, some of the box could be tricky to deliver. Find your local movers. It would be much easier to book with them rather than with any other global moving company. And it’s going to be a way cheaper.

Less expensive

It is common, that local moving companies will charge less for local moves especially when we are talking about small moves. It is their main business to take of care local moves and usually they do not accept any of the long distance ones.

Real Estate Movers offer a professional, friendly and cost-effective local removal service in Calgary. We have a modern fleet of trucks that can handle moves from a single item up to a 6 bedroom house. Our movers are all experienced, professional and most importantly friendly and make your moving day stress-free. We can also assist with a complete suite of services including moving boxes and packing services.

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