Located just by the east side of Edmonton, Sherwood Park became one of the greatest communities to live. This little town makes a perfect match for those who wants quiet life without being far from a big city.

Amenities relocating to Sherwood park

The main street of the town has variety of different businesses. There you can find stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and etc. So you don’t need to travel far to get errands done.

Sherwood Park offers a great amount of schools. Here you can even choose between public or catholic ones. Along with that, this community is a hometown of New Horizon Charter School for gifted children.

And what about fun? Millennium Place is a great facility with swimming pools, skating rink, gym, and some other options. For instance your kids can enroll in different classes and groups. Thereby they will be busy. Everyone will find something to do in this center.

Parks relocating to Sherwood park

Sherwood Park has many green places and parks all over it. And the most popular place for outdoors activities is Broad-moor Lake Park. Playground, spray park, and picnic area make it a perfect destination on a hot summer day.

In case you have a dog, Deermound Dog Off-Leash Park is right there. Fun place for your pet and yourself!

Also if your older kids need some practice in biking or skateboarding, they are welcome at Millennium Skateboard Park.


There is no surprise that many residents work in Edmonton. As it takes only about 20 minutes to get to downtown of the capital of Alberta. But it’s not a big deal if you have to take a bus over there. The bus ride is only 40 minutes and you get just to sit and relax.


And the last, but not the least. This town is an economically growing community. Sherwood Park’s district Refinery Row includes some of the largest industrial facilities in Western Canada. Which means there’re no problems with employment.