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10 Cool Things about Manitoba

10 Cool Things about Manitoba

We often hear that Manitoba is a cold and boring province. Though it’s known for huge amount of lakes, people think there is nothing to see and to do. But below we will try to change your mind. There is a short list of cool things in Manitoba. Relocating to Manitoba

1. Folkorama Relocating to Manitoba

It is the world’s largest multicultural festival. It lasts for two weeks. And it’s the best opportunity to try food from all over the world in one place. however

2. Free-diving with beluga whales.

How amazing is that? As Manitoba has access to the Hudson’s Bay, they offer special expeditions. You don’t need to be a professional to swim freely close by beluga whales. Relocating to Manitoba

3. Winnie the Pooh

Yes, it is probably the most popular fact about this province. Nevertheless we have to mention it. The cute teddy bear was named after Winnipeg.

4. Polar bears

Did you know that Churchill is a polar bear capital of the world? Though it is hard to get in that town sometimes. The Journey to Churchill exhibit can give you the idea. Relocating to Manitoba

5. Canadian Museum of Human Rights

Maybe this doesn’t sound so exciting. But it’s the first national museum outside Canada’s capital Ottawa. It’s located in Winnipeg.

6. Northern lights

And once again we are talking about Churchill. As it’s not only known for polar bears, it offers the best views of aurora borealis in the world.

7. 911

Say what? Here’s the fact not many people know. Winnipeg was the first place in the world to develop 911 emergency phone number.

8. The Assiniboine Park

This is one of the largest urban parks in Northern America. There are sculpture garden, restaurans, zoo, and a theatre.

9. The Royal Canadian Mint

Here they produce not only all Canadian coins, but also currency for 60 more governments all over the world. Relocating to Manitoba

10. Curling

Manitoba has so many curling clubs! There are more of them in the province than in Ontario and Quebec combined. That’s why it gained the title of Curling Capital of the world. Relocating to Manitoba



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