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Over the past 7 years, Professional Calgary movers moved over 3000 customers, becoming a trusted partner in the community and the local choice for moving and packing services. We specialize in moving homes, apartments, and businesses of all sizes, and will move you locally or across the country. With 4 trucks , we are committed to making your next move a great one!



With blankets to protect your furniture supplied free. This is a move from a town house to an apartment building. Check how we take furniture apart, wrap it, carry it onto the 5 tonne truck and

Calgary Movers

stack it. Also, see what equipment and packing supplies we use during this move. 4 wheel dollies were very handy at the drop off address which saved us a lot of time on the distance of 400 ft from the truck to the apartment. As a result, the customers were very happy and tipped the crew!

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You get two men and a truck, all the pads to protects your furniture and three types off trolleys.


Professional moving services

Real Real Estate Movers LTD commitment is to continuously strive to exceed our customers’ expectations in value and satisfaction.

How do we do that?

By being a company built on transparency, integrity, and providing a service that is cost-effective. Our staff’s experience assures they can easily understand your unique moving situation, and we will offer suggestions on how we can design our different services around your specific needs. Some customers are looking to have our men provide a full-service experience by packing and boxing up their entire household and then move them to their new home. Others opt for doing the packing themselves, and have our Professional Calgary movers come in on move day to move only the large, heavy, and complicated items that they cannot or do not want to move on their own. Professional Calgary movers

Professional Calgary movers

Professional moving companies

Follow the guide below to choose the truck to move you and your family’s belongings in the safest way possible.​ The men do all the work and carry your furniture to the truck and apply protective blankets so there is no damage to your furniture.​

Whatever your moving needs may be, we are a trusted resource for your move. Our goal is to provide you with the best experience possible.

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