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moving to Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray – your next destination

Living in Fort McMurray it’s not just the awesome scenery, the friendly locals and great culture – it’s the whole lifestyle. You can say good bye to long distance commuting, have more time to spend with friends and family, enjoy chances aplenty to revel in the great outdoors, festivals, sporting […]

10 Cool Things about Manitoba

We often hear that Manitoba is a cold and boring province. Though it’s known for huge amount of lakes, people think there is nothing to see and to do. But below we will try to change your mind. There is a short list of cool things in Manitoba. Relocating to […]

Moving to Alberta

A Few Thing to Know before Moving to Alberta

Sometimes it is a big deal to make a decision about moving to a different province. There can be a lot of different reasons for every person. Maybe, your job required a change? Or, maybe, you are coming back to your home province? Though it can be just a feeling […]

Moving to Toronto

Popular neighborhoods to live in Toronto Toronto… Many people’s dream to move to the most famous and largest city of Canada. The big city has a lot to offer to anyone, either you are moving over there with family or just by yourself. Different communities of the city would suit […]

relocating to Winnipeg

Moving to Winnipeg? A few things to consider.

Moving to Winnipeg All the cities have their pros and cons, and everyone moves from one place to another for a different reason. But there is always a list of things one should take into consideration before switching to a different city. Diversity moving to Winnipeg The city of Winnipeg […]

moving to Vancouver

Vancouver. Two sides of a famous city.

Vancouver is a great city that attracts so many people. And, of course, it has a lot to offer. It combines ocean, mountains, and urban area so well that becomes one of the favorite places for many visitors and residents. In case if picked this city as your next living […]

Nanaimo long distance moving

Nanaimo: the perfect blend of city and nature lifestyle

If you are considering to move to Nanaimo, you are probably aware of all the advantages this city has to offer. However, any information should be taken into consideration. Especially when it is related to such a drastic change, as moving to a different city. We, at Real Estate Movers, […]