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Packing Shoes for Moving

Imelda Marcos was famous in the 1980s for her huge collection of shoes. How huge you may ask? 3000 plus pairs!

How Many Shoes Do You Own?

An average Canadian may not have as many but the changing seasons mean we would still have plenty. Try to count the number of shoes you own. You probably have at least one pair for work, one pair for leisure, one pair of autumn boots and one pair of winter boots for the deep snow.  And that is not even counting your summer sandals and house slippers.

When moving, you may be tempted to just throw all your shoes into a box. Or maybe the backseat of your truck. But please don’t do so, you might just ruin your favorite shoes in the process. Instead, let’s follow these easy tips to care for your shoes when moving.

Easy Tips for Packing Your Shoes for Moving

First, go through your shoe collection, Konmari-style. Select the shoes you want to wear on your moving day. Make sure they are sturdy and comfy.

Then, get rid of the shoes you do not want to take with you to your new home. Of course, you could just throw them. But if they are still in good condition, you could donate the shoes to a charity of your choice.

Now, for the shoes that still spark joy for you. Take some time to clean and air-dry these shoes to prevent mold. Next, stuff the shoes with newspapers. This is a good trick to get rid of moisture and help shoes keep their shape better.

With that done, we can now start packing. Always remember to pack your shoes in cardboard or plastic boxes, not plastic bags! Also, keep your shoes in pairs. This means you will not have to waste time looking for missing pairs at your new place.

Next, let’s combine all your many boxes of shoes into a moving box. Try to pack the heavier boxes of shoes at the bottom of the moving box. Fill up the space between boxes with crumpled packing paper. Finally, tape the box up and now you are ready to go!

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Need help moving?

If this sounds like a lot of work to you (or if your shoe collection rivals Imelda’s), no worries, we’ve got you covered. Save time and energy on your next move by hiring Real Estate Moving services.

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