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Packing Ornaments for Moving

Ornaments add style and personality to any room and can transform a house into a home. But, if you are planning to move, packing your ornaments can be a major headache. packing services in Calgary

Ornaments can come in all shapes and sizes. Some ornaments, like antiques or decorations made from glass, crystal or porcelain, can be extremely fragile and valuable. Ornaments can have sentimental value, maybe as a gift from a loved one or as an heirloom passed down through generations. So, how can you transport these precious items safely? packing services in Calgary

Easy Tips for Packing Your Ornaments for Moving. Packing services in Calgary

Packing ornaments takes time and effort and can become emotional. So, you may want to tackle this first in your moving plans.

First, make sure you have lots of packing supplies. Ornaments need plenty of packing paper and bubble wrap. Then, gather all your ornaments into a single area.

Start cleaning your ornaments. You don’t want to bring dirt to your new home! If you have the original packaging, that would be the best way to pack your ornament. Otherwise, gently wrap each ornament tightly in bubble wrap or packing paper. Make sure there are no voids around fragile structures of the ornament.

Now, you can start packing your wrapped ornaments into a packing box. If possible, use plastic boxes. It’s sturdier than cardboard boxes and can keep out rain and dirt. Line your box with something soft. Then start gently arranging your ornaments in the box. Use plenty of packing paper in between to immobilize your ornaments.

Finally, seal your box and make sure to mark it FRAGILE on all sides. This sign will remind the person carrying the box to take extra care in the process. however

Need help moving?

If this sounds like a lot of work for you, give us a call. We can help you save time and energy (and the inevitable headache) on your next move! Check out our packing services in Calgary.

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