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Moving with plants

Moving with plants requires a green thumb, patience, and organization. These are all requirements when growing and tending to plants anyway, so you should have no problem! It’s important to consider the length of the journey, as this can affect the process dramatically. Local moves should not offer too many challenges. However, longer moves have their own considerations which will be covered in a later blog. For now, we will focus on local moves.

Step 1: Re-pot plants to shatter-proof plastic pots

Step 2: Remove dead leaves to reduce overall size

Step 3: Check Plants For Insects

Step 4: Wrap Larger Plants to Prevent Damage

Step 5: Place Plants In Moving Boxes

Step 6: Secure Plants By Placing Paper Around Base

Step 7: Label Boxes

Drain/Don’t Water

Depending on the time of the year you are moving, you need to check the amount of water the pot holds. The less water there is, the better. However, plants will require adequate water during transit as well. There are three ways to go about it. First, you can give your plants a good soaking with water at least two days prior to the move day if you are moving during winter.

If it the move is in summer, water the plants as usual and let the water drain if you plan to move in the day. However, if you are planning an early start, water the plants in the evening.

Check Temperature Changes

Pot plants and more so houseplants are very sensitive to temperature fluctuations. If you are moving in the summer, then to you need to moderate the temperature to maintain the plants in good condition. To transport pot plants in such conditions, passenger area is recommended due to its moderate the temperatures.

If it is in the wintertime, have the leafy organisms covered to protect them from freezing.

If you have concerns that a particular plant may not survive the move or thrive in its new home, or you planning to leave the plants for the new owners, a good option is to take cuttings with you instead of the whole plant.

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