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Moving to Winnipeg? A few things to consider.

All the cities have their pros and cons, and everyone moves from one place to another for a different reason. But there is always a list of things one should take into consideration before switching to a different city.

Diversity moving to Winnipeg

The city of Winnipeg is a very diverse one. There is a lot of different cultural groups, so pretty much anyone would find their-selves comfortable living over there. Traditions and cultures of its population make Winnipeg be an easy place to adapt to. moving to Winnipeg

Affordable housing moving to Winnipeg

One of the biggest advantages of this city is its realty market. Housing in Winnipeg is quite affordable. The average price of a three bedroom house in a nice area would be about $ 280,000 – 300,000. Almost all the neighborhoods have schools, which makes it possible for kids to walk there instead of taking a bus. It is a great option if you move there with your family. moving to Winnipeg

Employment relocating to Winnipeg

Employment in Winnipeg shouldn’t be a problem, as it’s one of the largest cities in Canada. The major sectors are manufacturing, agribusiness, health care, and public administration. relocating to Winnipeg

Disadvantages relocating to Winnipeg

1. Unfortunately, when one mentions highest crime rate in the country, they mean Winnipeg. But that is mostly in Aboriginal populated areas.

2. Transportation system in the city is not great either. The ageing infrastructure just cannot accommodate growing city. Living in the newer parts of Winnipeg requires that you own a car, otherwise you would have difficulties in getting around. however

3. The climate of this city pushes a number of people away. As it’s located in prairies, you should be prepared for long and cold winters. And by cold we mean truly cold Canadian winter. The temperature could easily drop below -40 C. Though summers are nice and hot, so you can enjoy a number of amazing lakes around.   relocating to Winnipeg

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