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Moving to Toronto

Popular neighborhoods to live in Toronto

Toronto… Many people’s dream to move to the most famous and largest city of Canada. The big city has a lot to offer to anyone, either you are moving over there with family or just by yourself. Different communities of the city would suit different personalities and meet different demands. Below, there is a few trending areas of Toronto to start with. moving to Toronto

Liberty Village moving to Toronto

This area is well known to be a home of young professionals. A number of different food and entertainment festivals happen here all the time. There are more than 70 restaurants located in the neighborhood, so anyone’s taste will be satisfied. It’s just the right place to socialize, meet people, and make friends (especially, if you are new in town). moving to Toronto

Lakeshore Blvd.

If you feel like escaping from the business of downtown core, this place is for you. Quieter neighborhood is big and peaceful, it offers you relaxing walks, runs, or bike rides along the lake. moving to Toronto

King St. West

Just a perfect place for young people who love busy night life. It’s known as party central of Toronto. Tons of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs is located here. Almost every day of the week there is some event happening. however

Queen St. West

Mecca for artistic people of the city. Graffiti Alley would introduce the area in its best way. Live bar performances or people just posting on the streets to display their special skills are not new in here. This neighborhood is considered one of the trendiest places in town. moreover


This is a home of many un-ordinary and hippy stores. Kensington’s friendly environment is a great place for people with unique interests. It has a lot to offer to its residents as well as to just curious visitors. moving to Toronto

The Beaches

The name says it all. Who doesn’t want to live close to a place where you can relax on a beach without commuting much? Annual festivals and events bring a lot of entertainment to the community. Though it’s located farther from downtown core, it wouldn’t take too long to get there. moving to Toronto


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