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Nanaimo: the perfect blend of city and nature lifestyle

Nanaimo: the perfect blend of city and nature lifestyle

If you are considering to move to Nanaimo, you are probably aware of all the advantages this city has to offer. However, any information should be taken into consideration. Especially when it is related to such a drastic change, as moving to a different city. We, at Real Estate Movers, have gathered some facts about Nanaimo. Nanaimo long distance move

Well known facts moving to Nanaimo

Nanaimo, BC is located on the east coast of Vancouver Island. It is 113 km north of Victoria, and 55 km across the Strait of Georgia from Vancouver. As the site of the main ferry terminal, Nanaimo is the gateway to many other destinations both on the northern part of the island.

Furthermore, Nanaimo has one of the longest shorelines in Canada, and a forested mountain backdrop just outside downtown. Living here means you can get to a city center or enjoy the nature just within a minutes. First-rate medical and service facilities can be found right across this safe and friendly city.

If you are thinking about education for your kids or yourself, you can have a piece of mind. There are more than 30 elementary and secondary schools in Nanaimo. Moreover, the main campus of Vancouver Island University is located in Nanaimo. Nanaimo long distance move moving to Nanaimo

Transportation  Nanaimo long distance move

Transportation is not an issue in Nanaimo, you can easily get anywhere you need. The city of Nanaimo is serviced by 3 airports. Nanaimo Airport (YCD) airport is located on the east side of the Trans Canada Highway between the City of Nanaimo and the Town of Ladysmith  where you can catch direct flights to and from Vancouver (YVR), Toronto (YYZ) and Calgary (YYC). Nanaimo also has three BC Ferry terminals and bus transportation.  If you choose to drive, highways 1, 19 and 19A traverse the city. Nanaimo long distance move moving to Nanaimo

Some more pros for your upcoming move to Nanaimo

Fast-growing Nanaimo is becoming a city to be reckoned with. Although it’s noticeably busier and a little more congested on the roads than a few years ago, it’s easy to see why so many people are attracted to it. Moreover, it is the most populated municipality outside of Greater Victoria on Vancouver Island. moreover moving to Nanaimo

The water is all around us here, the people are friendly and relaxed and there are plenty of great cafes, restaurants and shops to be discovered, and there’s a thriving arts and culture scene. Nanaimo has it all… and the surrounding areas are pretty special, too.

Whether you want to dine, shop, explore the fascinating culture and history, or simply close your eyes and relax enjoying the nature, Nanaimo is waiting for you.

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