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Moving to Edmonton

Does your upcoming move have you dreaming of sunny weather, visiting ice castle , Biking along the North Saskatchewan River, and a colorful nightlife?

You Must be Moving To Edmonton

For those who have little to no knowledge about this Alberta’s city, you may be interested to know that there is more to Edmonton than meets the eye. True – it’s smaller in size and population than the likes of Calgary and Vancouver, but it more than makes up for this in other ways.

This city is seriously impressive and we know that it will provide you with more than enough lifestyle value, whether you’re a single, family, or retiree.

You have a whole new chapter of your life waiting in Edmonton, and when you arrive, the city’s friendly and easy-going people will be eager to show you around.

If you are have been caught up in the excitement of planning your interprovince removalists, packing team, and insurance, then now is the perfect time to start researching the city in great detail.

We’re firm believers in finding out as much local knowledge as you can before moving to Edmonton, and this is why our team at Real Estate Movers has compiled a list of the top 5 things you need to know and consider before you big move to beautiful, sunny Edmonton.

Edmonton is home to North America’s largest mall

moving to Edmonton

The West Edmonton Mall spans the equivalent of 48 city blocks and now ranks 5th largest. It was the world’s largest mall until 2004.

Inside, you’ll find the world’s largest indoor lake (with four submarines and 250 different types of marine life), and an indoor wave pool (12.3 million litres for 40,000 swimmers). There’s also the Mindbender — the world’s largest indoor triple loop rollercoaster at 4,189 feet long and with a 5-G force in the second loop — and the world’s largest indoor permanent bungee tower (106 feet).

However it is not all. You can enjoy a NHL-sized rink, a shooting range, a replica of Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria, Sea Life Caverns and its turtles, sharks, and penguins, a 6-acre water park, and a chapel that seats 55. Moreover, lots and lots of different stores and boutiques are waiting for you there. So be prepared for a wild shopping after moving to Edmonton.

Edmonton loves to party

How do you like to party? Loud and rowdy? Intimate and low-key? Fun-filled and social? On the roof or in the basement? Fear not – Edmonton has a night club to fit your style. Some of the best nightlife hubs in Edmonton include Gas Pump, Cook County Saloon, On The Rocks, The Bower, and The Pint Public House. moving to Edmonton

Visit one of the Festivals in Edmonton

Edmonton has over 30 annual festivals year round. On of the most well known ones is The Edmonton Folk Music Festival, which has been running since 1980 and attracts big names.

One of the sunniest cities in Canada

It logs nearly 2,300 hours of sunshine a year. In June, the city gets 17 hours of daylight / day — soggy Vancouver’s quota for the entire summer. (Edmonton averages 475mm of precipitation / year, a drop in the bucket to Vancouver’s 1,200mm.)

Working in Edmonton

While working in Edmonton you will be able to experience a combination of city happenings, and outdoorsy activities. After a day of work, you may find yourself dining in the The Harvest Room or spending memorable evening watching magical Aurora Borealis. Jobs in Edmonton are particularly perfect for those who love the bustle of the city and thrive when they have access to lots of adventure and activity. So moving to Edmonton might be a great place for your new start.

By the way, there are no rats in Edmonton – or in all of Alberta for that matter.

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