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Moving to Canmore?

Alberta is well known for its beautiful Rocky Mountains and a few of cute little mountain towns. And Canmore is one of them. It has become many people’s destination. Well, no wonder why! Located in the heart of mountains it is only less than an hour drive away from Calgary.

Activities moving to Canmore

Can you imagine looking out of your windows and see beautiful mountain views? This scenic town has place in everyone’s heart. If you are an active person, Canmore is just the right place. There is large amount of outdoors activities all year round. Hiking, mountain biking, camping, snowshoeing, skiing, golfing… Anyone will find something to do.  There is countless amount of hiking trails around the town.

Do you prefer cycling? Then Legacy Trail is right here! It connects Canmore and Banff and offers amazing views.   moving to Canmore

Job Opportunities if you move to Canmore

But not only all above attracts people nowadays. As the town gained its popularity, the whole bunch of new trendy stores and restaurants started popping up. So if you are planning on opening your own business, it’s a nice place to do it. The town is experiencing healthy growth these days. That’s why it offers many opportunities.

Though your career tied up to Calgary, you still can have Canmore as your home. Many residents of this little town do not find the commute inconvenient.

Also, there is a lot of job opportunities for young people in Banff. Which is in 20 minutes drive. moving to Canmore

Family Living

But don’t be concerned about the lack of schools. Even Canmore is a small town, it has plenty of schools, including a French immersion school. And comparing to schools in Calgary, they are not overcrowded.

Because Canmore is not very big, the sense of community is quite strong in it. You will find residents friendly and welcoming. Though you will meet some new faces often enough. As this is a hot tourist spot. moving to Canmore

moving to Canmore

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