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Moving in Summer: What to know

Summer is the peak moving season. The weather is usually more cooperative. This means that it is a busy time of year for movers in general.

But there are downsides as well.

The heat can be oppressive, sweaty, and exhausting, especially for whoever is doing the heavy lifting. That’s why we recommend going with a professional moving company to save you from depleting your energy reserves and your sanity.

Professionals are used to these conditions and are generally better suited to the job instead of doing it yourself. Now, here are our top tips for mastering your summer move.

Tip 1- Expect to pay more for professional movers

As summer is the most popular time to move, you will likely have to pay more to move from June through September. Since there are fewer holidays and students are running free, most people choose to move during this time of year. Also, the beginning and end of summer are hectic as people plan to return to work and students head back to school. Due to the excessive strain on employees, time, and moving resources, prices tend to be higher. But when you consider the stress it will save you, going with a professional moving company is money well spent.

Tip 2 – Don’t forget to hydrate yourself and the movers

When moving during summer, thirst is a big issue. To avoid overheating, be sure to carry plenty of water bottles for the duration of the move. Pack some for when you arrive at your final destination too. Offering drinks to your movers will also promote goodwill and help keep your movers functioning at their best.

Tip 3 – Start moving early in the day

Moving earlier in the morning can help you beat the heat. Temperatures and humidity levels tend to be lowest at these times during the summer. It would be best if you start as early as possible. You may even beat traffic by moving early. Think about beginning between 6-8 am. But if you can’t arrange for a morning move, we recommend moving in late afternoon or evening after the temperatures have cooled down.

Tip 4 – Don’t move during a holiday weekend

If you move during a holiday, there will be fewer trucks and movers available, and prices will be even higher. Not to mention, you will likely have to deal with traffic that could seriously hamper timelines. Expect major detours around event locations and sweaty and long car rides for both your family and the movers. Major holidays to avoid are Canada Day, Labour Day, and any provincial holidays that occur on the first Monday of August.

Tip 5 – Keep electronics cool while moving

Use extra caution when packing and moving electronic devices in the summer. These items can quickly become overheated and ruined if left in the sun or a hot truck. This includes everything like smartphones, laptops, TVs, and appliances. To avoid this, pack items separately and keep them in air conditioning if possible. Electronics should be the last items on the truck and the first out. Make sure you waterproof them in bins or bags to stop a rain shower from being disastrous.

Tip 6 – Don’t underestimate your prep time

Moving during the summer takes careful thought, preparation, and planning. A packing/unpacking service is helpful, but if you are doing the packing yourself, start a month before the move. Also, figure out what moving company you want to work with months ahead of time and book them early, too. You’d be amazed at how fast time passes by.

Move smart, and be safe. One last tip: Don’t forget the sunscreen!

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