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Moving house tips

Even if you have a great moving company, that does everything include packing your stuff, moving a house it is always stressful, no matter how well you are prepared. However moving it shouldn’t result in sleepless nights. Whenever you are moving locally, between the provinces or to the house located next door to you. Here are some tips to help you survive through your relocation.

1. Plan ahead.

Once you have finalized your moving date with the moving company, mark the date you’ll start packing your staff. Ideally one month in advance. Why? It is most likely you are going to change it, but don’t change it more than once! Or, organize professional packing services to take care of it for you.

2. Make a list and check it twice.

Go through and have a look at everything you’d like to relocate, then make a basic list so you and removalist from the moving company, you have booked, would have a good idea of the tasks ahead.

3. Donate.

So what better time to downsize your belongings than when you’ve got to move them? The less stuff you have in your life, the less stuff you’ll need to pack and unpack. Ask yourself, ‘when was the last time I used this?’ If it’s been a while – it could be time to get rid of it.

4. Update your details.

Don’t forget to update your details at gas, electricity, internet provider companies and etc. Keep in mind you need to change the address on your driver’s license as well as on the electoral roll.

5. Packing.

Packing safely and securely takes a lot of time. Buy some sticky labels and a black marker to label each box – you’ll save time when it comes to moving and unpacking if you know what’s inside each box. Be prepared that your treasures will take up more space than you think. You can call for a professional volume estimator from a moving company or book a packing services.

6. Back up computers.

Ensure all computers and important devices are backed up, and files are stored separately and securely.

7. Double check the date with your moving company.

8. Ready, set…go.

On the day of the move once you have fridge cleared out, cleaned and turned off, it pays to have a few snacks on hand to keep your energy up when moving. Carry important items, such as jewellery and important documents yourself. Don’t panic, let your movers do their work properly. That’s their job and they know how to do it better. Keep your energy up to the moment you’ll need to unpack all your belongings.

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