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Moving from MB

Most of us think, that moving from province to province is similar to any other move. However, it is not. From finding a moving company to driving your vehicle to any other province. Leaving Manitoba is not that simple.

When it comes to long distance moves. You need to find right moving company. Moving your belongings safely and effectively, using special procedures and precautions is essential. Such as packing using materials that can endure the tedious and sometimes bumpy trips through the vast and wide country side.

In addition, here are some useful information, that you need to know before leaving Manitoba:

  • Check the vehicle registration and insurance, and the driver licensing rules in your new jurisdiction. Most likely it is going to be slightly different.
  • You may have to register and insure your vehicle and/or obtain a driver’s license shortly after you arrive.
  • Your new insurer may ask you for a written record of your claims experience and/or driver abstract in Manitoba.
  • Autopac coverage ends when You are required by law to register your vehicle in your new jurisdiction, or You register your vehicle in your new jurisdiction, or Your Autopac coverage expires or you’re suspended for nonpayment.
  • Once you leave Manitoba your personal Injury Protection Plan coverage only applies if you are injured while driving or riding your Manitoba plated vehicle.
  • Coverage by Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living will continue for the remainder of the month in which you arrive in your new province or territory.Therefore, you have two additional months (except personal care home benefits). Immediately upon arrival to your new province or territory, be sure to contact that province’s or territory’s health insurance plan in order to arrange for continuity of coverage

Moving past province borders is costly than moving within a province. Hence, consider all the factors of your move that are included in a moving estimate when comparing different removalists.

A mover with the lowest estimate is not always the best for your relocation, especially when you need some assistance with packing your items and this is not included in the quote.

Also, compare different removalists to see their different offers on moving. Professional movers will also do any heavy lifting on your behalf. Hence, embark on your relocation today without any obligation.

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