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Moving from Calgary to London Ontario

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Real Estate Movers is proud to bring you top-notch moving services from Calgary to London, with our expert team, cutting-edge equipment, and our promise of upfront pricing with absolutely no hidden fees.

We’ve got you covered no matter where you’re headed within Canada. Our services stretch across all provinces and cities. When it comes to moves from Alberta to Ontario, there are a few popular paths that folks often take:

  • from Calgary to Ottawa
  • from Calgary move to Toronto
  • from Calgary move to Kitchener
  • from Calgary move to Windsor
  • from Calgary to Oshawa


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Reasons Why People Move From Calgary to London Ontario


Comparative Analysis: London, Ontario vs. Calgary – Climate, Education and Lifestyle

London, Ontario, popularly known as the “Forest City,” is a city with a unique charm. Strategically located in the heart of Southwestern Ontario, it’s a place that fosters a harmonious blend of urban life and lush greenery. On the other hand, Calgary, located at the confluence of the Bow and Elbow rivers in Alberta, is best known for its vibrant city life, striking skyscrapers, and the renowned Calgary Stampede. However, many are making a shift from Calgary to London, Ontario, and the reasons are multifold.

1. Climate:

In Calgary, residents experience a semi-arid, highland continental climate. This means that the city can get quite chilly during winter with heavy snowfall, while the summers are mild to warm. However, the climate is highly variable and can change rapidly. One of the most dramatic weather phenomena that Calgary experiences is the “Chinook” – a warm, dry wind that can cause the temperature to rise dramatically within a few hours. On the other hand, London, Ontario, experiences a humid continental climate, which is milder and more predictable. Summers here are warm and humid, with a July high of about 27°C. Winters in London are generally cold with a January high of around -1°C, and snowfall is common but not as extreme as Calgary. For those looking for a milder, less unpredictable climate, London offers a desirable option.

2. Education:

London, Ontario, is home to some of the most prestigious educational institutions in Canada. The University of Western Ontario, often known as Western University, is renowned globally for its excellence in education, research, and service to society. Fanshawe College is another notable institution offering a wide range of programs and courses in different fields. The city also houses excellent public and private schools, making it an attractive destination for families. In contrast, Calgary also has high-quality education institutions, but the density and diversity are not as pronounced as in London. The University of Calgary and Mount Royal University are well-regarded, yet the broader options and distinctive educational experiences in London are compelling for many.

3. Lifestyle and Cost of Living:

London, Ontario, has a lower cost of living compared to Calgary. Housing costs, in particular, are significantly more affordable in London. A mid-sized city, London also offers a slower, more relaxed pace of life which many find appealing. Its nickname, the “Forest City,” reflects its commitment to parks and outdoor spaces, and residents have easy access to hiking trails, parks, and nature reserves. Calgary, on the other hand, is known for its fast-paced life and higher living costs. However, it’s also known for its thriving economy, primarily due to its status as a hub for the oil and gas industry.

4. Healthcare:

Both cities have excellent healthcare facilities. However, London, Ontario is renowned for its health research institutions, including the Lawson Health Research Institute and Robarts Research Institute. The city’s hospitals, such as London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Health Care London, are top-notch.

5. Arts and Culture:

London, Ontario, has a rich cultural scene. From the Grand Theatre, a professional theatre company, to Museum London, which showcases art, culture, and history, there’s plenty for arts and culture enthusiasts. The city also hosts Sunfest, a notable world music and jazz festival, every summer. In conclusion, the decision to move from Calgary to London, Ontario, can be influenced by a variety of factors including climate, education, lifestyle, cost of living, healthcare, and arts and culture. While Calgary has its own unique advantages

Moving Yourself vs. Realestate Movers

Choosing between a do-it-yourself move with a rental truck or hiring a moving company for a trip from Calgary to London can be quite the puzzle. You might think at first that moving on your own would be cheaper, but it’s not always the big money saver you’d expect. Here’s why:

Renting a truck might end up costing more than hiring a moving company when you add up all the details. For instance, did you know you have to return the truck to where you got it from or else you could get hit with big extra charges? Let’s paint a picture: renting a 26-foot Youhaul truck for a trip from Calgary to London could set you back about $6,000, and that doesn’t even include fuel and overnight stays. When you tally everything up, even without factoring in the sweat equity, it could go up to $10,000.

Let’s be honest, moving isn’t something you can tackle solo. You’re going to need a helping hand and the know-how to pack everything just right, fill up the truck properly, and keep your items safe. If you don’t have all this lined up, you might find yourself super stressed out, trying to cram all your stuff into the truck and get it to your new home in one piece. That’s where the beauty of professional movers really shines.

Plus, you have to consider the unexpected things that might come up on the drive from Calgary to London, such as:

  • A sudden flat tire
  • Engine troubles with the truck
  • Out-of-the-blue road conditions
  • Misjudged gas usage or running out of fuel
  • Extreme weather like snowstorms or icy roads

Imagine having to deal with all that in a place where your cell phone can’t get any signal!

So, if you’re thinking of making a self-move from Calgary to London with a rental truck, make sure you’re totally ready to handle everything, keep yourself and your stuff safe, and actually save some money in the process. If you’re not feeling totally sure about all of that, it might be a good idea to think about calling in the pros who’ve done this kind of thing countless times before.

Moving Yourself vs. Hiring Moving Company
Moving Yourself vs. Hiring Moving Company

Hassle-free Moving From Calgary to London


If you’re looking for a smooth, hassle-free move from Calgary to London (or the other way round), you might want to think about giving a moving company a call. And we’ve got a great one for you: Real Estate Movers!

We’re fully prepared to handle every bit of your move, from packing up your stuff, to getting it there, to setting it all up in your new place.

We know that moving can be a pretty big deal and sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming. But we’re here to make it easier for you.

As a company, we set really high standards for all our moving services. Our team is super experienced, especially when it comes to the Calgary to London route. They know this industry inside and out and are ready to meet all your moving needs.

At Real Estate Movers, our team of moving pros is all about making sure your move goes smoothly and that it’s as stress-free as possible.

Driving from Calgary to London Ontario

Driving from Calgary, Alberta to London, Ontario is a considerable journey, spanning approximately 3300 kilometers. This trip, typically accomplished within 3 days at 11-12 hours of daily driving, is both arduous and exciting.

Leaving Calgary, you’ll initially embark on the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1). This portion of the journey provides a breath-taking view of the Canadian Rockies as you travel eastwards towards Medicine Hat, subsequently continuing into Saskatchewan.

Upon entering Saskatchewan, the route persists along the Trans-Canada Highway, carrying you through cities such as Swift Current and Regina. Progressing into Manitoba, the journey continues through Winnipeg and maintains its course on the same highway.

Entering Ontario, the Trans-Canada Highway transitions into Highway 17. As you traverse Northern Ontario, it is important to note that service stations become less frequent and road conditions can be treacherous, particularly in winter months due to icy conditions. Nighttime driving requires increased vigilance due to potential wildlife encounters.

At Kenora, you’ll reach a juncture where the route divides. You may choose to continue along Highway 17, a shorter but more challenging route consisting of tight turns and frequent elevation changes. Alternatively, Highway 11 offers a longer, yet generally easier drive. It is crucial to note that fuel supplies become sparse after Hearst on Highway 11, with most service stations closing after 8:00 p.m., and the road can often lack reliable cell phone reception. Thus, ensuring adequate fuel and essential supplies is strongly advised.

Upon rejoining Highway 17 near Nipigon, the journey continues along the northern shore of Lake Superior, through Thunder Bay and Sault Ste. Marie, and finally southwards to London, Ontario. It’s crucial for any traveler to be aware of the challenges posed by the long-distance driving conditions across Canada. Careful planning, attention to detail, and staying mindful of road conditions and services will contribute to a safer and more pleasant journey.

The Cost Of Your Long Distance Moving from Calgary to London

At Real Estate Movers, we’ve made getting a quote super easy! When you first get in touch, we’ll work with you to figure out the best way to check out what you’re moving. Maybe we’ll take pictures of each room in your house, garage, or yard. Maybe we’ll have a video call on Facetime or Zoom. Or maybe we’ll make a detailed list of your stuff and measure everything.

Once we know what we’re moving, we can pick out the right vehicle and give you a flat-rate quote. This quote covers everything, from loading, transport, and unloading, to the fuel surcharge.

And we do more than just move your stuff. Need help packing? We can do that. Need supplies? We’ve got ’em. Need to move your car? We can handle it. And we offer coverage options tailored to your needs. Our standard general liability coverage gives you $0.60 per pound per item. But if you want more coverage, we offer Replacement Value Protection (RVP). For 7% of the total value, RVP means that if anything gets damaged during the move, Real Estate Movers will take care of getting it fixed.

And the best part? We’re fast! A move from Alberta to British Columbia usually takes just 3 to 4 days, including loading, transport, and unloading. Even a longer trip, like Alberta to Ontario, is done in just 5 to 6 days. This way, you won’t have to deal with long hotel stays or being without your stuff for a long time.

We take really good care of everything we move. We wrap furniture securely, take apart and put back together beds and tables, and use floor runners when we’re loading and unloading to avoid scratches or dents.

When you choose Real Estate Movers, you’re choosing an easy, stress-free move that puts you first. Come experience the smooth move we can provide!

1 bedroom apartment2,300$
2 bedroom apartment2,900$
2 bedroom house4,500$
3 bedroom house5,500$
4 bedroom house7,000$

Why Choose Realestate Movers for Relocation to London?

So, you’ve decided on a fresh start in London? Fantastic choice! Real Estate Movers is here to help make your move a breeze.

As a full-service moving company, we handle all the details of your move from Calgary to London. That means you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Our team at Real Estate Movers is packed full of experienced movers from Calgary who really care about doing a great job. They’ll take good care of your belongings and make sure everything arrives safe and sound at your new home.

We’re proud to offer both local and long-distance moving solutions. And you know what? We’re confident we can deliver a move that not only meets your needs but goes above and beyond what you expect.

Sounds good? Let’s get started!


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