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Long Distance Movers in Kelowna

If you are looking for long-distance Movers in Kelowna, you are probably already aware of the hassle of moving. This is precisely why you are looking for a professional moving company. However, the wrong choice of movers can make the already exhausting process of moving even worse! So, why not play it safe and choose Real Estate Movers as your long-distance movers in Kelowna?

How will you be playing it safe with us? Well, we have a vast experience in this field and are known to provide the best moving service. In addition, our team comprises the most dedicated, friendly, and skilled experts who know what they are doing. So, you can rest assured that your move will happen without any damage, breakage, delays, or unnecessary hiccups.

Moreover, with us, your only headache will be gathering and marking the belongings you wish to take with you. From that point onward, all the packing, boxing, loading, and unloading is our job.

ON to AB to BC Province Movers

Our exceptional team, affordable prices, and latest tools and technology make us among the best ON to AB to BC province movers, whether you are switching provinces or moving internally within them. It doesn’t matter if your requirements involve a complete moving package or simply transportation services. We will be at your service punctually and diligently.

We understand that delays can become costly. And if your chosen movers for the provincial move aren’t efficient, you can witness several time delays and end up paying twice as much. This is why we at Real Estate Movers take no risks. We cover every potential area of trouble that could interfere with a smooth move. So, from our vehicles to our team and the resources we use, everything is up to date!

As your long-distance movers in Kelowna, we strive to make the moving process swift and smooth. For that, we make no compromises in our service delivery.

While you rest, we do our best!

Toronto Long Distance Movers, Vancouver Long Distance Movers

Why Real Estate Movers is the Number One Moving Company in Kelowna?

Our goal is the satisfaction of our clients. Therefore, we strategize moving procedures by prioritizing the requirements of our clients and keeping them in the loop. This customer-oriented approach is why Real Estate Movers is the number one moving company in Kelowna. Our clients are the boss. They call all the shots. However, our expert guidance is always at their disposal.

Our other strong suit is adaptability. We take pride in our ability to deal with random situations. Our team will quickly resolve any issue that may arise without it causing any stress to our clients. Moving is stressful, and we are adamant about protecting our clients from added stress.

If your long-distance movers in Kelowna are not reachable when needed, why even bother with them? This is why we ensure that we are easy to find and contact. Plus, we respond instantly to any emergency or urgent situation. So, clients can rely on us to be saviours in times of need.

Cross-Canada Moving Services

Our long-distance moving services are not restricted to Kelowna. So, we may be your long-distance movers in Kelowna, but that doesn’t mean we cannot provide moving services elsewhere.

In fact, our moving services are spread across many cities. From Toronto, Vancouver, Mississauga, and Burnaby, to London, Calgary, and many more areas. Therefore, we remain accessible and reachable to a large population.

Further, we offer the most exceptional cross-Canada moving services owing to our superior transportation resources. We have the best and most reliable vehicles to transport your belongings. In fact, we guarantee that no damage will happen to your stuff with us in charge of it.

Our relocation services are not only accessible but also highly affordable. We do not have any hidden or extra charges other than the payment decided upfront. So you will not face any unpleasant surprises at the time of payment. Moreover, we offer competitive moving rates and design our packages according to the client’s requirements.

Best long-distance Moving Company in Kelowna

Our passion and dedication to the job make us the best long-distance moving company in Kelowna. Our job does not begin and end with loading and unloading materials from the truck. We take our mission of making moving smooth for our clients very seriously.

So therefore, we do much more than transport belongings. We have the best materials and resources needed to pack all your belongings securely. Your fragile, precious items are completely safe with us.

In addition, our team has expertise in moving belongings, so no damage occurs. For instance, we use plastic and quilted pads to wrap the furniture. Moreover, we even use special liners to protect the floor from damage during the loading and unloading of items—especially the heavy ones.

Lastly, we will not leave your belongings at the doorstep of your new home. Our team patiently and carefully unloads everything and places it wherever you need it in your new place.

Our Prices

Calgary - GTA Trip

1 bedroom apt  from $3,500 

2 bedroom apt from $6,000

2 bedroom house from $7,000

3 bedroom house from  $9,000

4 bedroom house from $12,000 

Calgary-Vancouver Area Trip

1 bedroom – from $2,300

2 bedroom – from $2,900

2 bedroom house from $,4500

3 bedroom house from $5,500

4 bedroom house from $7,000 

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Ask about Three Men and a Truck if Needed.

Our Truck is 28 Feet and Can Move a 3-bedroom house

We kid you not when we talk about our resourcefulness. We have everything one needs for the most efficient and stress-free move. For instance, our truck is 28 feet and can move a 3-bedroom house. This means it can carry more stuff which reduces the number of trips.

However, having great moving trucks is not alone sufficient. As one of the best long-distance movers in Kelowna, we also employ the best and most experienced truck drivers. Of course, long-distance moves can see all kinds of roads. So, it is essential to have drivers who will drive with both punctuality and the fragility of the belongings being transported in mind.

Whether you are facing a residential or a commercial move, our team will not disappoint you regardless of distance. With our moving strategy planned out, you will find us equipped and prepared.

The best way to get accurate moving quote

​Would you like an Accurate Moving Quote? The best way to get an Accurate Moving Quote is to take pictures off what you have to move on your mobile phone and send them to us.​ All Trucks come with blankets, bed bags, 2- 4 wheel dollies, shoulder straps, furniture slides (to protect your furniture), floor runners ( to protect your flooring) and a tool box to take apart any kind of furniture and dis/connect washer and dryer.

Long distance movers.

All our movers and drivers are experienced and trained to provide you with the best across Canada moving services. Depending on the amount of your items, we’ve got trucks of different sizes. Also all of them are equipped with anything one could need for moving from BC to AB. We have dollies, liners for floors, wrapping plastic, special quilted pads and covers, tape, etc. Our long distance moving services include assembling and disassembling of your furniture, wrapping and covering your belongings for transportation.