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Long distances Moving Services

Long distances Moving

Free Insurance for Loading and Unloading. Full Insurance cover if you move Long Distance with Real Estate Movers.

Quality Furniture move starts with the Right truck. We have this truck designated and assigned to long distance moves.

Its high top means you can fit a 5-6 bedroom house in it and has all the pads,dollies and straps.

long distance movers
This is the Truck you can have if you are moving to a long distance location, BIG 78 cubic meter truck and trailer set up for long distance moving services.

When Moving long distances its best to get a fixed quote

If you have a job that is  over the size off a two bedroom unit its best to get a fixed Quote and call and talk to one of our sales person about exactly what you have.We can give you a time frame on how long it will take to load and unload the driving time between your old and new destinations and just give practical advice and things that even you might not be thinking about.

We work for you, the CUSTOMER and will work hard to give you good value for money.All Trucks fully equipped with pads and blankets to protect your belongings. Check the video how we load and stack a customer's belongings.

long distance movers

We Wrap Everything

We guarantee high quality moving services!

Move with us and you get professional service. Check Video on our home page to see how even the most delicate furniture is carried with tender loving care and covered with blankets to protect. long distances moving

​The Best Way to get Accurate Quote.

​Would you like an Accurate Quote? The best way to get an Accurate Quote is to take pictures off what you have to move on your Mobile phone and send them to  us.​All Trucks come with blankets, bed bags, 2- 4 wheel dollies, shoulder straps,  furniture slides (to protect your furniture), floor runners ( to protect your flooring) and a tool box to take apart any kind of furniture and dis/connect washer and dryer.

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Late Booking No Problem

Be Treated like a Client not just a number. Ask any one who has moved long distance a few times what sort of service you get and they could probably tell you a few stories. You might get a cheap price for a move from Vancouver to Toronto ect… But what you get is a different thing.​ long distances moving

Packing services​

We offer complete packing services! If your are moving long distance, you get some packing supplies for free (Bed bags, packing tape, shrink wrap, does not include boxes though), we can arrange boxes for you at additional price.

Moving Long Distance Tips​

Moving long distance can be the most exciting thing you ever do but generally involves removal of your furniture, you and your goods over a longer distance so planing ahead is a must:

  • Give yourself as much time as possible for planning. It will be less stressful and just makes it easier on yourself.

  • Make a checklist. Being organized will relieve some of the stress and you are less likely to forget something.

  • Pack as much as you can as early as possible, especially non-essential items.

  • If you are driving get your car serviced a week or two before you move just in case you run out of time.

  • Get your tire's checked at a tire shop a week before you do the big drive. Most tire places will check the pressure of your tyres for free. If you do it yourself you could over or under inflate them. One flat tyre can set you back a day!

  • Don’t forget to call Real Estate Movers! 1-877-992-4766 or email

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