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Long Distance Movers in Langley

The process of moving or relocating has always been associated with stress, worry, exhaustion, and tension. However, with a pro team of movers, this hassle can actually become a smooth experience. So, if you want to find long-distance movers in Langley who can make the move easy for you, Real Estate Movers is at your service!

We prioritize our clients above everything. As such, our services cater to making moving a stress-free experience for our customers. Therefore, we take everything into our professional hands from the beginning to the end, from devising a logistical plan to packaging, loading, unloading, and unpacking. We use a team of experts and professional tools for every major and minor aspect of the moving process.

However, this does not mean we don’t listen to our clients. We genuinely value any suggestions and feedback. As such, our clients constantly remain in the loop. Our team frequently updates them at every step to ensure their satisfaction.

ON to AB to BC Province Movers

For a long-distance provincial move, you must only trust the best. And we at Real Estate Movers are the best ON to AB to BC province movers you will find. Our services are spread across a vast area. So, we can reach you instantly wherever you are and relocate you in a jiffy!

Our vehicles are designed for long-distance moves. They are spacious and undergo regular maintenance. So you will not be facing hiccups such as time delays. Our trucks will transport your belongings to their destination timely and damage free.

Additionally, our team is trained and experienced in dealing with unexpected situations. So, if any problem arises, our team will fix it before you know it. Our adaptability is one of the reasons why we are the chosen long-distance movers in Langley for many people. You can trust us to make moving a hassle-free experience.

While you rest, we do our best!

Toronto Long Distance Movers, Vancouver Long Distance Movers

Why Real Estate Movers is the Number One Moving Company in Langley

Our work ethic, timeliness, customer-oriented services, and meticulous work are attributes that make us stand out. In fact, these and other such factors are why Real Estate Movers is the number one moving company in Langley. We care about our clients and strive to offer them the best and most affordable services. Therefore, we offer our clients guilt-free and charge-free consultation services. You can talk to our experts and get guidance for your big move.

Another thing that makes us one of the best long-distance movers in Langley is our reachability. Moving companies are only helpful if they can provide their services to clients exactly when needed. Therefore, we are always just a call away. You can even easily and quickly book our services online through our website.

With our expert team, professional tools, and superior transportation, we are ready to help you move wherever you please.

Cross-Canada Moving Services

Our moving services are spread across a large arena, from Vancouver, Burnaby, and Brampton, to Ottawa, Toronto, Victoria, and many more places. We have the resources to serve you anywhere, anytime. Therefore, you can blindly trust our cross-Canada moving services!

With us, you will not have to worry about anything. How will you move? How will you pack the belongings? And what should be your moving schedule? None of that is your headache, with our professional team doing the work for you. Our team is vigilant about your needs and desires. So, simply let us know how you would like things to be done, then leave it to us.

Of course, the one thing you are most concerned about is pricing. However, our rates are super economical. Plus, we charge no extra or hidden fees for our services. You will know every service you’re getting from us and how much it costs—no last-minute surprises.

Vancouver Long Distance Movers

Best Long-distance Moving Company in Langley

What makes us the best long-distance moving company in Langley is our flexibility to work, adaptability to novel situations, and availability in times of need. No matter where you are if you need something relocated or simply wish to use our transportation services, we will reach you in no time!

We do not have strict packages that our customers absolutely must adhere to. Instead, we devise the pricing and extent of services after communicating with our clients. We take no step without consulting with our clients to ensure they remain up to date at every step of the way.

In addition, we are very cautious about our client’s belongings. They are precious and hold significant value to our clients, and we go to all lengths to ensure no damage comes to them on our watch. Therefore, no matter how urgent the move is. As your long-distance movers in Langley, we will always be on time with your belongings safe and secure in our hands.

Our Prices

Calgary - GTA Trip

1 bedroom apt  from $3,500 

2 bedroom apt from $6,000

2 bedroom house from $7,000

3 bedroom house from  $9,000

4 bedroom house from $12,000 

Calgary-Vancouver Area Trip

1 bedroom – from $2,300

2 bedroom – from $2,900

2 bedroom house from $,4500

3 bedroom house from $5,500

4 bedroom house from $7,000 

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Ask about Three Men and a Truck if Needed.

Our Truck is 28 Feet and Can Move a 3-bedroom house

The longer the moving process drags out, the more hassle it creates. So, you need a team of long-distance movers in Langley to wrap up the process quickly. At Real Estate Movers, we have cutting-edge equipment and transportation facilities for an efficient move. Our truck is 28 feet and can move a 3-bedroom house with ease.

Further, we employ only the most responsible and experienced truck drivers through a rigorous screening process. So they know how to store your belongings on the trucks safely. In addition, they will not only quickly transport your stuff but will do so cautiously and securely. So, with us, you are guaranteed a swift and smooth relocation.

Our trucks go through regular checkups and maintenance. We do not want to risk delaying your move due to our incompetencies. So, our trucks are always prim, proper, and ready for long-distance driving and moving.

The best way to get accurate moving quote

​Would you like an Accurate Moving Quote? The best way to get an Accurate Moving Quote is to take pictures off what you have to move on your mobile phone and send them to us.​ All Trucks come with blankets, bed bags, 2- 4 wheel dollies, shoulder straps, furniture slides (to protect your furniture), floor runners ( to protect your flooring) and a tool box to take apart any kind of furniture and dis/connect washer and dryer.

Long distance movers.

All our movers and drivers are experienced and trained to provide you with the best across Canada moving services. Depending on the amount of your items, we’ve got trucks of different sizes. Also all of them are equipped with anything one could need for moving from BC to AB. We have dollies, liners for floors, wrapping plastic, special quilted pads and covers, tape, etc. Our long distance moving services include assembling and disassembling of your furniture, wrapping and covering your belongings for transportation.