This town is located only 11 km west of Edmonton. And it combines convinience of a big city and quiet life. Also, Spruce Grove is one of the best communities of greater Edmonton area. If you decide to move here, there is some brief information about Spruce Grove. relocating to Spruce Grove


The community is just minutes away from Edmonton. This allows your commute to be an easy one. Also, Spruce Grove is a part of Edmonton Transit System. And there are three commuter buses to the big city. however

Spruce Grove has Specialized Transit Service as well. It offers help to seniors and people with mobility challenges. relocating to Spruce Grove

Recreation relocating to Spruce Grove

Residents of this community like the great outdoors. And here you will find walking and biking trails. Some of them even rated for snowshoeing. There are also skateparks, toboggan hills, green spaces, and dog parks.

But that is not all. The town has an arena, a leisure centre, and an athletic centre. So there is something for everyone to be busy.


Along with family owned restaurants and shops, there are many events in Spruce Grove. To keep your kids busy in summer it offeres different summer camps. Also, for all the ages, the community holds variety of shows, festivities, events, and festivals.

Every Saturday from April to December the Spruce Grove Grain Elevator Museum is a home for amazing farmers market. relocating to Spruce Grove

Welcome Wagon

We would like to mention Welcome Wagon separately. Spruce Grove offers this peculiar world-known welcoming service. So if you decided to move to thic town, get in touch with a

representative of Welcome Wagon. This will make your relocating easier and more comfortable. relocating to Spruce Grove


Spruce Grove offers schools for all the ages. There are public and Catholic ones. Besides, the town has French immersion classes as well.

Maybe, it is not very important, but some of the public places and parks have free Wi-Fi for your convenience.