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Things to know when moving from one province to another. Inter province move

Things to know when moving from one province to another. Inter province move

We all know that moving is very stressful and overwhelming. Especially, moving to a different city or, even, province. As there are some things that vary in each place. Here we put together a list of a few points to consider for you. inter province move

Housing inter province move

Here you should decide either you’d like to buy or rent. Maybe, if the city is completely new for you, you would want to rent a house or an apartment/condo. This way you will have an opportunity to explore the neighborhood and decide, whether you like it or not, without regrets of being stuck there for a longer term. inter province move

Living cost

It’s well known that taxes, groceries and gas prices, or prices for utilities vary from coast to coast.  We advice to do a small research on this, and you might get surprised that sometimes, even making less money, but paying smaller taxes, you would save more. inter province move


This point is more for people who is relocating without a job waiting for them. You will need to pay attention to employment options and business environment in general and make sure the city you’re moving to is not going through some sort of financial crisis. inter province move

Driver’s license and car insurance

You are required to exchange your driver’s license and car’s provincial registration within certain time. This time frame differs from province to province. You would need to check government website for this information. inter province move


Healthcare in Canada is administrated by provincial governments. This means that you will be required to enroll in a new province’s healthcare plan, in order to receive free medical care. Though there is one requirement – you need to spend about 3 months in the province before attaining these benefits. inter province move however

These are the Top 5 of the main things that would make moving easier, if you take care of it beforehand. inter province move

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