Corporate Relocation

across Canada corporate relocation

Across Canada Corporate Relocation

As a small business, a change of scenery could be an important step in rejuvenating or improving your workplace. However, across Canada office relocation can also affect your business much more than it would a larger sized company. The costs of across Canada relocation combined with the loss of productivity caused by the disruption may cost your business more than just on moving day. That's why it's important to prepare as much as possible so that when the time to move comes, it'll go smoothly, and allow you to settle into the new office in no time.

Relocation Services

Our relocation services include (among others):

  • First of all, Single-point communication with dedicated Consultant
  • Hassle-free pre-move advice
  • Specialist packing services including computers, networks, filing systems and fragile items
  • Domestic and international relocation management
  • Door-to-door employee relocations
  • Scheduling that works for you
  • Finally, Professional project management, insurance and export documentation if required

Real Estate Movers offers a range of across Canada corporate relocation services. Therefore, we specialize in working with companies by assisting in their across Canada relocation needs to support their international work force. Whether that means relocating within one province or inter-provincial relocation, assisting a single manager or an entire company.

Simply put, to allow employees to focus on their professional life, the details of their across Canada relocation and re-settlement need to be completely taken care of.

We care and that’s why we have personalized our corporate services and made them affordable. Moreover, now everyone can get the assistance they need when relocating.

Minimum Down Time

Our flexible, customer-centered scheduling options include evening and weekend moves. First of all, we focus on providing minimal disruption to your operational activities, so you can get on with the business at hand and leave the rest to us.

Competitive Pricing

We guarantee timely and practical moving solutions that meet each client’s needs, all at a reasonable cost. In addition, we provide competitive rates for our customers on tendered or hourly charge arrangements. You’ll be 100% satisfied.

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