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From Coast to Coast Moving Services

Sometimes moving from one part of the country to another might be really tiring. Whether you need to move family to a new home or relocate your business, you will need a coast to coast moving company. That’s why Real Estate Movers and our coast to coast moving services are here to help you. Our well trained professional crews will ease your stress while taking good care of your belongings. Our experienced drivers and movers will show you how easy moving across Canada can be.


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We are there for you!

All our trucks are equipped with everything needed to protect your furniture or other items from any damage caused during long distance transportation. Moreover we are willing to do all the hard work for you! Our friendly crews will gladly wrap up your belongings with plastic and special quilted pads. Then we will do all loading and unloading for you as well. To make it even easier for you, we will place the items in the rooms they belong to. Out team will put apart and assemble your furniture to make moving as smooth as possible, so you can fully enjoy our coast to coast moving services. Also we keep in touch with our drivers to make sure everything is going well during entire trip. So you are up to date about the journey of your items.



Sometimes unpredictable things happen. In this case Real Estate Movers provides you with free insurance for loading and unloading. Also there is full insurance cover for long distance moving services. It doesn’t matter which way are you going to use our coast to coast moving services. Just ask us about it!

Fixed Quote

But first of all you might need to get a free of charge estimated quote from us. It can’t be easier than give us a call! Or just quickly fill up the form and attach pictures of the articles needed to be moved. We will give you the quote as soon as possible so you can compare our coast to coast moving company rates with any other one. Therefore we will also provide you with the time frame for entire moving process. So you could plan everything upon your departure and arrival to a new home or office.

Let us make your coast to coast moving easier by contacting us. We guarantee you will be surprised how easy it can go.

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