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Chestermere – Great place to live

Chestermere combines semi-rural charm with easy access to Canada’s 4th biggest city – Calgary. It offers a range of residential homes from city dwellings to lifestyle sections. It has good amenities including supermarkets and specialty stores and a small but growing selection of cafes and restaurants.

What to do Chestermere moving

Major local events include the CBH Lobster Fest, Free Historic Local Tours, Canad day celebration the lake, Water Festival and much more.

Chestermere is extremely family friendly with beautiful beaches along the lake and great new playgrounds. For those who likemoving to Chestermere fishing, Chestermere is an ideal place to live. Moreover, there have been several very large fish that have been caught in the lake and the next one could be yours.

In winter time, when weather allows, the Parks staff clear a skating rink and skating path close to Anniversary Park for the public to use. This way you can enjoy skating on the lake within minutes from your home. Cruising down the frozen lake in  snowmobiles or on ATVs is also welcomed.

When you want a residential area with everything you need at your fingertips, Chestermere offers more than just the footy team. It’s home to several private schools, including St John Bosco Private School. Chestermere moving

Where to eat

If you are wondering what and where to eat, Chestermere is becoming some kind of a culinary hotspot, with everything from burgers to sushi, and there’s also some nice bars. Chestermere moving

What to see

We should also count in the proximity to Banff National Park with its amazing hiking and biking trails. Famous tourists destinations such as Canmore and Banff are just a short drive away.
Chestermere moving
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