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It is very important to have your belongings packed properly before your move. A standard set of packing supplies is small, medium, large boxes, wardrobe boxes, packing paper, packing tape, shrink wrap, bed bags and bubble wrap. Real Estate Movers provide Canada packing services at the the job site. We do wrap every piece of kitchen hardware individually which differs from an amateur way of packing. We do it to protect kitchen hardware from getting broken in one separate box.

If a customer requires Canada packing services on a big move, we always separate these two days.
Day 2 - MOVE
We do provide packing services and we can send a 2, 3 or 4 men crew, according to customers' needs. The estimator will determine the quantity of the boxes and other packing supplies. We also deliver packing supplies at $50 fee if the customer wants to pack by themselves.


Before you start packing, get rid of everything you don’t want to take with you. Sell items that are in good condition, return things that don’t belong to you, or donate unwanted clothing, kitchenware and toys to your local charity store.

Pack Carefully

Make the unpacking process easier by keeping like items together, like books with magazines or kitchenware with ornaments. When you dismantle furniture, place the legs and screws into a zip-lock bag so you don’t lose them. In the first place be sure to pack light items like bedding into large containers and heavier items like books or tools into smaller cartons. Be kind to your back: never overload your boxes.

Labeling Cartons

Make it easier on yourself and your moving team by labeling the carton for the room it needs to go to at your new home (e.g. kitchen, master bedroom, office). Furthermore label the carton with a brief description of its contents. In case it contains anything breakable, add ‘FRAGILE’.

Cartons & Packing Materials

Use good strong cartons and boxes. When wrapping breakables, use clean white paper: newspaper will leave ink stains. Be sure to seal your cartons with packing tape. We can provide high-quality cartons and tissue paper; just ask your moving consultant.

Packing of Cartons

Start by scrunching up paper and placing it into the bottom of the carton to create a cushion for your belongings. Moreover wrap all breakables individually in several layers of paper. Never stack glasses inside each other. In addition make sure you place them upright in the carton (not on their sides) to avoid breakage. Plates and dishes can be wrapped together with layers of paper between. In case that there’s more than one layer in a carton, put a layer of scrunched-up paper between each layer for added protection. Finally, add another layer of scrunched-up paper, then seal the carton with packing tape.

Real Estate Movers have a lot of experience in packing services.

Whether you want us to do packing services and the move or you decide to do it by yourself, we wish you a HAPPY MOVE!!!

Canada paching services