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Moving House Within Canada

Real Estate Movers understands that all moves are different and individuals requirements are all unique. We strives to make moving a pleasant experience, it does not matter the size or requirements of your within Canada house move.

Wherever you’re moving – or whatever you need to be moved – Real Estate Movers can help. Since 2008 we’ve helped Canadians move into, out of, and within all the provinces of Canada at affordable rates and with maximum care and convenience. Home is wherever you are.  Our job is to get your belongings there in such mint condition that you forget how far they’ve traveled.


We Care

Moving house is what we do and we admit, that every house move has its unique challenges, and every customer their own story. Put simply:
- First of all, we care about your story
- Secondly, we care about having a genuine understanding of your needs
- Finally, we care about providing the best solutions and delivering on our promises

Packing Services

Our affordable packing services will save you time to get on with other important duties and free you up to look after other more important things like family, business and health. A typical house pack can involve 60-80 boxes in addition to the furniture. This can take days and not only involves a significant amount of exertion, but can also be extremely stressful.

If you require a full Canada home packing services our within Canada move manager will conduct a free home inspection and provide you with a fixed price packing service quotation.

Alternatively we can tailor a service to suit your needs while working with the priorities you may have as well as your budget.

Call us today to get a free quote!

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