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Packing Books for Moving

Are you an avid reader? Do friends and family sometimes equate your home to a library? Are you moving soon and panicking about how to move your shelves of books from one home to another? Calgary packing service

Well, don’t panic just yet. We have some tips and tricks for you. In no time, you’ll be back in your favorite chair, sipping your favorite tea reading your favorite book by your favorite author. Calgary packing service

Easy Tips for Packing Your Books for Moving

First, go through your book collection, Konmari-style. Select and put aside the books that still spark joy for you.

For the books that have been sitting on the shelves for ages, say thank you and sayonara. Put those in a box and donate them directly to the charity of your choice. May they continue to bring joy to others. Calgary packing service

Now, let’s go back to the books that you have set aside earlier. Collect smaller boxes and start packing your books in. Why smaller boxes? Books, especially hardcovers, are heavy. Always keep in mind that you must be able to pick up the box and carry it once packed. Also, make sure that the packing box has a sturdy bottom. A hardcover book falling on your feet hurts!

When packing books for a long journey, consider lining the bottom with plastic to keep your books safe in case of rain or snow. Arrange your books so that they are lined up straight and not bent in any way; you don’t want to damage your books. A good tip is to keep the spines against the box’s side or bottom. This packing method provides extra support for your books and reduces the chance of warping.

Once again, do not overpack your box and make it too heavy. Fill up empty spaces between books with bubble wrap, packing paper, or clothes to keep books from moving during the move and still keep it light enough to carry. Finally, tape the box up, and now you are ready to go! Calgary packing service

Need help moving? Calgary packing & moving service.

If this sounds like a lot of work to you (or if your book collection really does rival a library), no worries, we’ve got you covered. Save time and energy on your next move by hiring our moving services. Calgary packing service

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