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British Columbia to Ontario Moving Services

A move from British Columbia to Ontario, or vice versa, can be daunting. You will be crossing three timezones and three different provinces in between – Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Flying from BC’s Vancouver to Ontario’s Toronto will take 6 hours. Driving will require at least 40 hours.

How Different is Ontario from British Columbia?

The good news is that, since you are still in the same country, many things stay the same. English is the predominant language, the shops will use the same currency, and everyone drives on the same side of the road.

Geographically, Ontario is the center of Canada and the nation’s capital seat. British Columbia is the western-most province bordering the Pacific Ocean.

Ontario’s population of 13.6 million makes it Canada’s most populous province, and three times higher than British Columbia.  As the center for government, Ontario also hosts the head offices of banks, newspapers, television networks, and the national stock exchange.

British Columbia is renowned for its majestic mountains, serene forests, and dramatic coastlines. Outdoor activities are more varied in BC with lots of surfing, hiking, cycling and even whale-watching options! British Columbia to Ontario Moving

Preparing to Move from British Columbia to Ontario

Moving is never easy, and an inter-provincial move with over 40 hours driving can be grueling. Start making your moving plans early. Make sure you hire a reputable moving company and get moving insurance!

Now is also the time to downsize. Is it that crucial to lug all your childhood soft toys across four provinces? Or those shoes you bought that one time on sale? Or all those tween magazines? Some charities would gladly accept your donations. Alternatively, make some extra cash by selling your goods online.

When packing, try to keep items in one room together and label accordingly. Always pack heavy items at the bottom and fill-up empty spaces with clothes, towels or packing paper. Some things may need special attention, like fragile dining ware, expensive ornaments or your huge plasma television. Remember to wrap carefully and pack into correctly sized boxes.

Finally, keep your essentials ready when moving. This includes changes of clothes, toiletries, must-have stuffed animals or toys for the kids, medications, important documents, etc. That way, you are prepared at your new destination in case your moving truck is delayed.

Moving to Ontario from British Columbia with Real Estate Movers

Our moving specialists are well-experienced and well-trained for long-distance moves. Getting you and your valuables to your new home safely is our goal! British Columbia to Ontario Moving

So, do not hesitate. Call us today for a quote!

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