When it comes to executing a relocation, you want to ensure that you have the best team on your side. After all, you’re not just moving a bunch of junk around, you’re moving the material possessions that make up your life. And there is no doubt that some of your belongings hold significant value to you – whether it is financial or sentimental. So conducting a little bit of research can go a long way. Real Estate Movers is the best moving company on HomeStars.

We’ve completed countless relocation services over the years. And we’ve consistently provided quality services from start to finish. Our team is constantly improving and going above and beyond for our clients. Being the best moving company on HomeStars takes a lot of hard work. However, delivering excellent customer service while providing quality moving services is our pleasure.

At Real Estate Movers, we have the team, the right equipment, a variety of trucks and professional insights. Our team is dedicated to making your relocation a seamless experience. So if you’re looking for a quality moving company that offers top-tier services you’ve come to the right place. Because Real Estate Movers is the best moving company on HomeStars.

We are Edmonton Moving Company

Planning a move to, from or within Edmonton? Then look no further! We are a professional Edmonton moving company. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a local move, long distance move or a residential or commercial move – we can help. We are an Edmonton moving company that implements a systematic approach to every more. That is to say, by tackling your move in a methodical way, we can complete your move quickly and effectively.

First, our movers go through your home or office room by room and pack all of your smaller belongings into our professional grade moving boxes. Additionally, this will serve to keep your possessions safe and organized. Secondly, we will load your large and bulky items such as appliances and furniture into our moving truck. Next, our team will strategically load the rest of your belongings into the truck. Finally, we will strap everything down to secure them for the road and cover anything that’s exposed with our protective blankets.

At Real Estate Movers, we are an Edmonton moving company that puts the needs of their clients first. Because we understand the stresses that come with relocating. And that’s why we always go the extra mile for your satisfaction.

Member of Canadian Association of Movers

One of the ways in which Real Estate Movers goes the extra mile for you is by becoming a proud member of the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM). In order for a company to join, they need to bring their services to the next level. For instance, a company needs to invest in proper moving equipment to join. In other words, it means acquiring professional grade packing boxes, investing in quality dollies and protective fabrics and it means implementing proper moving protocols.

Being a member of the Canadian Association of Movers is the difference between a casual moving company and a professional one. And Real Estate Movers are as professional as it gets. We offer reliable services that are tailored to suit your needs. We use only top of the line moving equipment to ensure that your belongings arrive safely to their new destination.

As a member of the Canadian Association of Movers, we are committed to providing top-tier moving services. Our professional movers are adaptable and attentive to your needs. So if you’re looking for professional movers in Edmonton, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll take care of everything from start to finish. So you can sit back, relax and start your new life.