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All that you need to know about moving quotes

Most of the moving companies provide moving quote free of charge and without obligation. All that you need is to contact a moving company and book an in-home visit. A sales consultant will visit you to discuss when you wish to move, what you are taking with you and what you may need to store. Moreover, he will advise on what may or may not be practical to transport, assess any special packing or delivery requirements. In addition he would identify any other requirements such as parking permits, hoists or lifting equipment necessary for the safe removal of your belongings.During the visit a consultant will need to view and inventory all items for removal,so please identify those items you wish to move, including any essentials you may prefer to send ahead by air, or any items you may wish to leave behind in storage. In addition, the delivery conditions at your new home should be considered for a moving quote.

What does a moving quote includes?

Each company may include different things in their quotes, so read through it carefully. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. It is you the one who is going to pay, and you should be 100% sure of what you are paying for. Here is the list of items commonly included in the moving estimate:

  • Delivery of cartons for owner packing of any specified items
  • On site export packing by our skilled professionals
  • Removal from your current address and delivery to your new location
  • Delivery to residence, assuming good access and not above first floor, or to store
  • Full unpacking of furniture and removal of discarded materials on delivery day

No two moves are alike and any quotation will be tailored to your specific requirements.

Most of the moving companies have an option for online moving estimate on their web site.

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