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A Few Thing to Know before Moving to Alberta

A Few Thing to Know before Moving to Alberta

Sometimes it is a big deal to make a decision about moving to a different province. There can be a lot of different reasons for every person. Maybe, your job required a change? Or, maybe, you are coming back to your home province? Though it can be just a feeling of exploring a new area…

Nevertheless, there is always a need in taking a look at some information and tips while relocating inter-provincially. relocating to Alberta

Major Cities relocating to Alberta

If you haven’t decided what city you prefer, consider the information below.

Edmonton. It is the capital city in Alberta. Also it’ the second largest by population city in the province. No need to mention that most of the festivals and concerts happen here. It is a home town of NHL team Edmonton Oilers.

Calgary. It happens to be the biggest city in province and the third biggest one in Canada. Along with that, Calgary is the capital of oil and gas industry of the country. There are headquarters of major companies in this industry. In addition, it’s located fairly close to the mountains and great ski resorts.

Red DeerOne of the fast growing cities located in between Calgary and Edmonton. It offers enough opportunities for people to make it their new living destination. relocating to Alberta

Affordable province

Alberta has the lowest GST in the country, which is only 5%. And there is no additional PST. Generally, it makes living in the province cheaper.

Though the prices for housing vary from one place to another, they can be called the lowest rates in Canada. But don’t be triggered – the bigger city, the higher rates.

Very First Steps relocating to Alberta

When moving from one province to another, you should:

– Change your driver license;

–  Make sure you register your vehicle in the province you are moving to;

– Enroll in healthcare program. Alberta Health offers free medical insurance to its residents.

All the steps above are described with more details on Alberta website. It also gives the time-frames for completing that. relocating to Alberta


No matter what your decision is going to be, remember that Real Estate Movers are always here to help you with your perfect move!



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