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5 Reasons to choose Calgary as your next destination

5 Reasons to choose Calgary as your next destination

Calgary is an amazing city where everyone would find something to love about it. Though it’s still recovering after economical crisis that happened a few years ago, the city attracts many people not only to visit, but even to move to it. There is a few positive things that you might like. however

1. Health moving to Calgary

Calgary has been named the cleanest city of the world not once. And this is understandable. Heavy fines for littering and a number of recycling programs help to keep it nice and tidy all the time.

2. Low sales tax moving to Calgary

Low sales tax. There is no such thing as provincial sales tax, this makes you pay only federal GST that is 5% of your purchases. So you would save some money on groceries, clothes, etc. moving to Calgary

3. Public transportation

Well developed public transit. It is quite easy to get around the city without having a car. Public transit system is quite reliable. Many people who work in down town prefer to commute to their offices taking C-Train that is not affected by heavy traffic. Though pricey parking in that area played its role as well. moving to Calgary

4. Close to Nature relocating to Calgary

Being located only in an hour drive from gorgeous Rocky Mountains and Banff National Park makes Calgary perfect for outdoorsy people. There are several ski resorts nearby in winter, and endless amount of hiking trails in summer. If you feel like getting on your bicycle and going for a ride, you will be gladly surprised with amount of bike trails all over the city. A lot of residents would commute to their work cycling. relocating to Calgary

5. Perfect Location moving to Calgary

Calgary is close enough to other destinations – just about 3 hours drive to Edmonton, or even to The US border. Just a little longer than 10 hour drive scenic route would bring you to Vancouver, BC. relocating to Calgary moreover

moving to Calgary

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