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3 Tips for Decluttering Before a Move

Decluttering before you move.

If you’ve been full-steam-ahead, packing for your big move, you already know how much work it is! Why not lighten your load? Here are 3 tips to help you conquer the clutter before you fill another box.

Start with storage.

You may be tempted to walk into your kitchen or living room and start with the obvious. You might even start purging a few of the lesser-used items in your cupboards.

But by starting with the farthest reaches of your basement you can tackle potential clutter that might otherwise get overlooked. Boxes of paperwork that you no longer need. Clothing you stored, but now find you won’t ever wear again. Trinkets that don’t seem nearly as meaningful as when you kept them.

Sort through your storage by opening every box and repacking only the items worth taking.

Acknowledge your baggage.

As you begin sorting, you will probably find that many of your belongings carry emotional weight.

But remember that they are just things! Go ahead and keep the most precious items. Then consider taking photos to preserve other memories. A well-curated photo album means fewer boxes to pack, move, and store.

Consider your destination.

Simply put, if it won’t fit, don’t take it!

Take a mental walk through your future house. Think about the furniture, appliances, and belongings you have. If you cannot picture a place for them in your new home, sell or donate them. A couch that is perfect in your current living room may be too big, too small, or just the wrong shape for the new one. Moving things you won’t use is a waste of your time and moving space. 


When you are happy with your decluttering process, you are ready to call Real Estate Movers! Send us pictures of everything you plan to take, and we’ll find you the best options for a stress-free move. however

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