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10 tips for cross Canada moving

Planning and executing a move is a tall order. It’s not something that the average person does on a regular basis. After all, packing up your life and moving it takes a lot of focus and energy. However, most people do it at least once in their lifetime. So it’s important to do it right.

Here are 10 tips for cross Canada moving:

Start as soon as possible

Just like any school project, procrastination can be a killer. By planning in advance, you can stay ahead of the game. So when moving day finally rolls around, all you need to do is load the truck and go!

Get organized

Getting organized plays a key role in starting your move on the right foot. For instance, keeping all of your items that go in the kitchen together will make settling in much easier. Additionally, if you separate your fragile belongings from the rest, it will be easier to ensure their safe transportation

Get rid of your junk

Let’s face it. Everyone buys stuff they don’t really need or items that once served us fulfill their use and end up hidden away in a closet of crawl space. By getting rid of your junk, you will have less items to account for – and less to pack!

Acquire some quality packing boxes

Do you have a bunch of cardboard boxes lying around? Most people don’t. Getting quality packing boxes can make a huge difference in your moving experience. Packing boxes will help keep your belongings organized while providing a measure of security.

Find adequate transportation

It’s absolutely integral to find proper transportation for your move. Unless you only have a handful of belongings, there really is no other option. Besides, unless you want to do several trips (which is probably unrealistic for a long distance move), then finding a large truck is a must.

Get some lifting straps

Another one of our 10 tips for cross Canada moving is to get some lifting straps. You’ll likely be lifting some large and awkward items. So take the load off with some lifting straps! This will make the heavy lifting easier and safer.

Prepare some food for the big day

On moving day, your mind will be tackling a variety of tasks throughout the day, which means that you will be expending a lot of energy. So it’s important to fuel your body. By meal prepping, you will have one less task to deal with.

Find some comfortable places to stay on the road

If you’re traveling across Canada, chances are that you’ll need to stop off on the way. By booking ahead of time, you’ll secure a nice bed to sleep on – helping you stay rested and focused throughout the journey.

Schedule utilities for your new home

It’s a good idea to schedule utilities for your new home before you arrive. The difference between arriving at a fully functional home versus one that isn’t, is night and day.

Find a quality moving service

Moving is stressful. And unless you have done it before, it can be quite the learning process. However, if you’re not feeling up to the task, the final of the 10 tips for cross Canada moving is to hire a professional moving service. It can make a world of a difference. They’ll be able to handle everything from start to finish.

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